Some Beta Test Closed forum details

First off, this isn’t the closed forum, just some detail on how to get to it! :slight_smile:

Our Web-Mentats are going to send out invites for the closed forum on monday.
(they may have invited some test cases but I’m not in yet, so if you are, you might not be)

To get an invitation you must be a member of the forum, and signed up to the beta (either as a player or GM)

If you don’t get an invite (by Tuesday at least as its a lot of mails) you can drop the Web Mentats a line at and they will see the rules of Kanly have all been obeyed.


Sounds good. the QS mentioned a comment form. Will we get that soon?

That’d be the closed forum. :slight_smile:

Since registering some players, one has dropped out and another wants to join and now a second group wants to try it too. Is there a mechanism for a GM to add another group or another player?

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I’m waiting to have access to the closed forum :slight_smile:

All here and waiting for the closed forum access now. Looking forward to it and so does the group I am playing with.

I’d like to have access too! Beta testing Dune as a player

In my case, I’m late. I need the help of the administrators, the invitation reached the spam folder and now I cannot access the secret group. I have sent an email to support.

Hello everyone, i need help for the same reasons. I wait the responce of support.

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I signed up using the same email as the beta test, but don’t see the closed group.

They did the big import on Tuesday. If you weren’t signed up then you will probably need to email support to be added.

Can this be done still? Me and my group registered for beta and we’re doing the module and have feedback to offer, but I’ve missed out on the registering deadline.

Contact, as @Andy-Modiphius stated, and they can still hook you up. It might take them a few days, but they’re letting latecomers like me in still…

I don’t think we’ll be allowing any latecomers as we’re going to be asking for feedback and the like quite soon.
But you will be able to submit the feedback form.

I signed up, and my players and I got the playtest rules two weeks ago. I just found out today that you have to sign up for these forums to give feedback (I never got that information). Can I still get access?

Ah, well, never mind, then. The email I got said until the end of August, but it sounds like that changed since then.

I haven’t seen an email about the feedback form. Has this gone out? If so, should I contact support to get it resent to my group? If not, when should we expect it? We completed our playthrough of the beta adventure, quite enjoyed it, and are eager to offer our feedback.

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