Dune RPG and Playtesting

How would one sign up for playtesting Dune (assuming you’ll do BETA)

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What a smashingly good idea!

An announcement will be made when we are ready for playtesting. It may be a while yet.


I’ve a couple people wanting me to run a beta game… even before knowing the ruleset to be used.

It will definitely be 2d20

Please put me on the list for playtesting. I’ve run several Dune hacks over the years. The first was a GURPS 4e play-by-post story arc that ran for half a year. Since then I’ve done hacks in Fate Core and Fate Accelerated, and have been tinkering with a hack for the upcoming new edition of Cortex. These I’ve been running as one-shot convention games several times a year. My main sources have been the Chronicles of the Imperium rpg and the Dream of Rain d20 hack, with additional ideas from the Dune Cyclopedia (I prefer my ornithopters powered by heart-mollusks, thank you very much).

Whatever the rules, the setting and premise are the same: The PCs are the entourage of a noble house that has just been elevated from Minor to Major House status after their Siridar-Duke is summarily exiled by the Emperor. The first session is in fact a mad dash by the competing Houses Minor to locate and secure the disgraced liege’s House atomics. The action takes place about 10 years before the events of the first Dune novel. I chose Risp VII because it is mentioned in my sources but not fleshed out, leaving me with a blank canvas to work with and no canon to fret over. I’ve done quite a bit of original world-building that I won’t bore you with here.

I’ve never played the 2d20 system but I’ve read through the Quick Start rules for Conan and found nothing to disqualify it. I think the whole Momentum concept and Doom points are brilliant.

I would love to embrace an established system for my games in the Duniverse instead of having to write my own hacks.

If you need playtesters, I’d be delighted to GM sessions here in the States at Metatopia (November), Dreamation (February), and/or DEXCON (July). Or if there are other ways I might help, please let me know.

I would recommend having a look at Infinity because it has inspired me towards Dune being done
as 2D20 (Also Twitch and You Tube should have Modiphius guys playing both as they do them every now and then with Conan running Wednesdays at the moment at 3pm GMT)

I’ll check Infinity out. Thanks!

FYI, Infinity is a fantastic game in and of itself. If you play the miniatures game or anything else related, It fills in a LOT of lore!