Closing the Beta Test and Closed Forum

Excuse the slightly clickbaity title :slight_smile:

First thing, is we are going to close applications to join the beta test this week.
So, if you or new players are planning to sign up, please do so this week or you won’t be able to.
If you need to add more players just get them to sign up as a new GM, they’ll get the beta but just tell them not to read the adventure.
Basically, as long as they have signed up to the NDA its all good. We’re not tracking who is in what group.

Second thing, we’re only doing one round of invites to the closed forum. Those invites will go out tomorrow (Tuesday).
To get an invite you MUST already be signed up to the modiphius forum (which you probably are if you are reading this). But its not just for GMs so remind your players they can participate.

The closed forum is just a place to chat and ask rules questions, the actual beta feedback form will be sent out to everyone later regardless of their forum connection.

So, we’re not ending the beta, just ending the sign up and offering a small window to get into the forum. Its basically taking a lot of man hours to collate all the mail addresses so we have to move along, and we’ve had such a great response we have enough people to get good feedback.

So, if you want to join the beta, sign up now. If you want to add more players, get them to sign up now, and if you want to participate in the closed forum chat make sure you are part of the forum.

You should also have this detail in a mail shot.


I am registered and I have the beta but the invitation to the closed group is late. I have emailed support, my playgroup too.

I am registered, but I have not yet received the beta. I’ve been talking to Lloyd – I didn’t know that forum signup was a necessary step to receiving the beta, but here we are. Is it too late to hope for an invitation to the closed forum?

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I’ve been on the forum for over a year, and joined the Beta, but so far haven’t received any invite to the closed Forum. How does one get in?

I have made a cursory pass but not perused the two, but I received a second playtest document this morning in email that seems to be identical to the first. Is it?

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I am in the closed beta and have not received an invite to the closed forum. Also today I was sent a link to the beta document that was the exact same as the document I received a few weeks ago. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I appear to have missed the invitation to the closed forum, but received my playtest materials today. Where/how should I ask questions about this playtest, given that I don’t have access to the forum. I have some rules questions and some questions for other GMs about assets and running on Roll20, but I don’t want to inadvertently violate the NDA

I also did not receive a closed forum invite (I registered two days before the first post, per instructions in an email). I also received a second copy of the playtest materials today - the only differences I’ve noticed so far are logos and a better title. Thank you.

Good morning

Every person that has posted in here should have access to the forums.

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I joined the forum with the mail-account, which i gave my Game Master who registered us for the beta.
But now i can’t see the closed forum.

I also didn’t recieve the closed forum invite, only the gm of our group has access by now. can you please fix this? thanks!

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I also didn’t recieve the closed forum invite, only the gm of our group has access by now. can you please fix this? thanks!

@Kemba @Asenath_Waite @Kieler_Sprotte92 I do not have your email registered in the Beta either as GMs or as Players. As such I have not sent you any files. I have given you access to the the beta for now, as your GM may have not put you in on the game.

Actually Kieler did you just copy paste the message above? or are you and Asenath the same person?

I registered as a GM, but have not seen an invite to the closed Forum. I don’t even know where to find it.

The invite was just that the beta test forums appeared. There was no post or email.
If you look at the “latest” option in categories you should see posts in the closed forum.

The fact that you have Beta Tester - Dune as a title suggests that you have been added.

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ok, that’s weird… our GM is @zeitiger and he registered the three of us and @Niels, who also has no access and did contact the support yesterday

Hi @Modiphius-Lloyd,
like Kemba, Asenath and Kieler i also joined the foum with an emal i gave my GM who registered me for the beta. Like the others i cant see the beta forum. I wrote a ticket to the support team, but it looks like its easier and faster to just post here ;).
Maybe you can fix it also for me?

Thank you very much.

I can confirm that. Maybe something goes wrong with the application form, but I got access to the closed circle forum

I did copy and paste to show that I’m part of the same tester Group
however, I’m not the same person =)
sorry if I caused any trouble with tribbles :slight_smile: