Is the Late Pledge over?

Hey all,

I just wanted to know if there is still a late pledge going on, or to come. I did some searching and could not find anything about elite pledge so wanted to confirm either way.



Modiphius have so far only done a beta playtest.

There has not been any announcements about pledges, release dates or even the channel they will be releasing via.
Though given it is a tie in with the new movie it will probably be through normal channels and not kickstarter or similar.

Yup, we’re not kickstarting Dune.
But we will be offering a preorder with some bonus goodies.
Keep an eye on the site, we’ll be making a noise about it here when it opens so you won’t miss it :slight_smile:


Oohh… Dune goodies. :heart_eyes:

Any hints as to what we see? I am assuming the usual paraphernalia (GM screen, dice, maybe tokens) but will there be anything else for us to get our paws on?

I’d really, really love to say more,
but I’m afraid I can’t just yet.
It will be worth the wait though (and you are not far off…) :slight_smile:

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So evil… I love it! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sand would be a lot of what we see

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It would be taking game immersion to a whole new level if you poured a box of sand onto the table during the game.

Especially if you then pulled out an electric fan…

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how would you do Shai-Hulud?

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In my house? Probably one of the cats jumping on the table and knocking models over.
With or without a dead (kangaroo) mouse.

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Hold up, let me go get my Cone of Silence!

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I am drawing the line at my players spitting at me as a sign of respect however :slight_smile: