Miniatures and Dice

Will there be miniatures or dice for this new franchise or will it just be the book(s)?
Are there future plans for expansion should it be successful?

Dice have been confirmed. An exclusive set for the pre-order and then a different set for the retail version.
No word on miniatures, hopefully we will find out more next week with the pre-order release.

There will indeed be dice (so pretty) but no miniatures just yet I’m afraid.
Dune didn’t seem to really need them in the same way as some of the other lines.

It might not be impossible at some point but not quite yet.
Having said that, if you are a miniatures fan, tell us about it.
If we get enough people asking about them we might have to look into it.

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I would love to buy Dune miniatures!

I hope for a skirmish line, special rules for the duels, training robots, shields tactics, noble house and Fremen tactics, BG Voice, etc.

I am very much a miniature fan, I have all the Star Trek Adventures TNG era sets, and would probably do the same for Dune, especially if the film(s) are half as awesome as Blade Runner 2049.

It’s a great question. Dune definitely has combat as a significant element in the series. And it has conflict at different scales (armies, tactical skirmish, and especially one on one knife duels). Will be interesting to see how that comes into play in the game.

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Until they decide I guess I will have to dig out my old Van Saar gang to stand in for the Fremen. :rofl:


Who is manufacturing the dice for this?

I’m not sure if thats something we sharing publicly (although its not a trade secret by any means).
We have had samples though if you have quality concerns and they are looking good.

Hm. Without being able to source the dice, I’ll pass on them. Curious thing to not share publicly. But thank you for responding. I’d rather have an answer I don’t like than no answer at all. :upside_down_face:

I’ll check if I can say. Its not a question I’ve heard anyone ask and dice production is pretty standard these days so I’m not sure why you’d need to source anything.

I really would appreciate it. If it can’t be public, I could promise my own silence were it shared privately. I like to know where my books are printing before buying them (or not), and things like dice are made. Although I do tend to carry around a ladle, I’m not looking to stir up trouble. :sunglasses:

Thank you, Andy.

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Can you clarify what can be pre-ordered via my FLGS - is it only the book and everything else is from you?

Can we order the book from them and the other items from you?

Basically I want to support my FLGS but on the flip side want to not miss out on things I can then not get

I understand they have the black book and you have the green - other than the cover is there any other difference?

Thanks in advance

Hi Andy,

I’d be really interested in a Dune based miniature led skirmish game, or a crossover game like Imperial Assault.

I’ve bought into Elder Scrolls and am enjoying the solos delves whilst I wait for normality and the war game club to return.

If you’re going for a pure RPG, that may even have special dice(!) then that’s not for me and I’ll let this pass. Imperial Assault/Kill Team campaign is about as RPG as my local crowd go.

Good luck but this adventure’s not for me.


Developing a skirmish game is a whole new ball game so while its not impossible it isn’t on the cards just yet. Although I agree a skirmish that pits the Atreides and Harkonnen against each other to control Dune that one fatal night of betrayal would be pretty sweet.

I should add that the dice aren’t ‘special dice’. They are simply cool D20s with a special character for the 1 like the Star Trek D20s.
While they look cool, and we all love dice, they are not essential. You can play the game with standard D20s.

Glad you’re enjoying Elder Scrolls though, the team did some great stuff with that.

I see your previous comment was edited so I’ll reply to the edited content and do so directly because I’m really not trying to be difficult:

We shouldn’t be able to discover where things are made and by whom? I could say, sorry I asked and forget about it, but then I’d not be purchasing any of your game materials, and especially after the very enjoyable play test, I would like to purchase Dune and accompanying material.

One reason I want to source the things I buy could be exampled in being a frequent patron of another company who changed their dice manufacturer from one crowd funding project to the next and ending up with what our group considers to be vastly inferior dice. Another reason is the ethics involved in the source of some materials/manufacturing. Akin to the ethical choices a game company makes in choosing who writes for them or the re-editing the content of previously published material because some feel it presents certain topics in an unethical manner.

I’m not sure why asking who makes the dice would be a difficult question to answer. I’ve asked it of other companies and never received anything but a direct answer. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I only edited my comment to add that I’m glad you’re enjoying Elder Scrolls, so I hope you are not assuming anything more than that.
I can appreciate wanting to know how the sausage is made, and I’m happy to help. But I have to check I can share that information as its not always public. They can also fluctuate as we source the best prices, and what deals we make to get stuff produced might be confidential for a number of non-sinister reasons.
Our printers and producers are all pretty standard and follow decent ethical procedures as far as I know. Books are generally printed in Europe, and accessories in China.
If I can share further details I will, but its just something I have to check.

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we’ve seen the D20’s can we get a look at the D6’s at some point too?

Not to blow your mind, but - there are no D6s!! :slight_smile:
Rule reveal, Dune doesn’t use the challenge dice, just D20s.
(which is why you get 5 in a pack not 3)

Having said that, Dune D6s would be cool to have just for the sake of it :slight_smile:

Sincerely, thank you, Andy. I really didn’t think the question would lead to anything more than, “The dice are made by XYZ”. I apologize if anything I’ve typed comes across as argumentative.

Some years ago, I asked Arc Dream who their printer was in China. It lead me on a wondrously educational rabbit trail of fascinating printing methods and international source chains of paper and ink. And the political difficulty of sustainable printing in China.

I look forward to ordering Dune, and I do hope you are able to share dice-maker info with me. But in any case, that you would take the time to respond—like my exchanges with with Mr Birch a few months ago about some matters—show me that Modiphius is a great company, and I’m pleased to support your works.

…Now where the hell is A!C 2d20!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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