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Dune Product Wishlist

Stealing from the STA part of the forum. :grin:

What products do people want to see released in the Dune line?

We know there is an adventure coming and they have a series of books lined up, but not much more than that.
So this is a thread for what we want to see that hopefully may give the Devs some kernels of ideas. Or a good laugh, either works.

My preferences:

  • A smugglers book - Looking at the underworld of the Dune universe, not just the spice smugglers but the criminal economy.
  • The Bene Gesserit - A deep dive into the structure of the Bene Gesserit and the factions and the goals of them.
  • Era books - Mainly the Butlerian Jihad and Honored Matres eras. Possibly one on the 2 year era between the fall of the Atreides and the Fremen uprising, though that may be better suited to an Arrakis book.
  • The Outsiders - A sort of mish mash this one. A book for the Bene Tleilaxu, Spacing Guild, possibly IX… Those that support the Imperium but intentionally stand outside it, unlike the Bene Gesserit who are fully immersed in the politics.
  • CHOAM - Remember that Arrakis itself grants a CHOAM directorship. The mercantile entity is a major player in the universe.

I like these and have similar thoughts, with some tweaks.

Maybe they follow the novels mores

Smugglers oh yes I strongly agree

Butlerian Jihad and Forbidden Tech
(focus on …
The history, the myths, the martyrs
the thinking machine
the titans
brains in jars, cogitor and their secondary’s
the cymeks
story options of what could be lying around left from the machine days
deep dive into banned tech, and how they empire compensates now without the tech
the orange catholic bible
Ix & Richese

Great Schools
(could be one big book of smaller supplements)
(Sisterhood, Mentats, Suk Doctor, Navigators*)

The Structure of an Empire
Landsraad & the Great Houses
Padishah Emperor
(House Major & Houses Minor)
(Deep dive into the existing houses with even more options and details on custom house design)
(History and options of Assassins)
(History of the transformation from the league of nobles to the current empire)

(This could be a deep dive into space travel throughout the Dune universe
Transition through FTL Travel, FTL Travel, Space Folding as well as
a deep dive into the Navigators, and players options for guild agents)

Empire of a Thousand Worlds
(worlds, worlds, worlds
Also brief comparison of worlds across the ages
Arrakis = Dune = Rakis
Synchronized Worlds vs League of Nobles vs Unaligned

Era’s & Timeline
(this would be both a great collectors item and campaign aid that would touch on but not delve to far in to each, it would also allow a newer gm to taste and choose where he wants to go , and give an easier time of it. Because we know tackling the Dune universe has never been easy).

Agreed on the outsiders
Fringe Elements, Flesh Merchants


Campaign books and adventures.

I’m not so creative to come up with great adventure or campaign ideas myself and so I rely heavily on published ones.

If there are no campaigns (preferably in style and volume like the Mutant Chronicles campaigns) available, my Dune book (or follow-up products) will end up in the shelf of unplayed RPGs (already quite in overload).

So, please, give us something to actually play with right away. STA got good support with pre-made scenarios, Conan much less so. If Modiphius goes the way of STA regarding adventures and campaigns, that would be good.


I can neither confirm nor deny.
But keep ‘em coming as it’s good to know what you all want to see,
and I think you’re going to like what we have planned… :slight_smile:

Agreed super agreed adventures

Plot hooks

All very useful

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I know it came up briefly in another thread but miniatures would be a big win! Dire Wolf have some coming out as an expansion for their Dune board game but I think this would be a better platform for them… Although a scale worm minature could end up taking up most of the table so maybe not :S

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I’m quite keen that we don’t rush off to do new eras anytime soon. I want to see this timeline fleshed out properly rather than spreading the game a mile wide and inch deep!

  • The criminal underworld of the Imperium
  • A wider look at the universe, looking at other worlds, houses and other sources of intrigue and inspiration
  • More details on the Landsraad and CHOAM (again, more food for intrigue)
  • Bene Gesserit because obvious book is too obvious
  • More details on conflicts, wars of assassin’s, raids and other overt and covert warfare during the age of Imperium
  • Espionage in the Imperium
  • A more detailed look at the tech of the universe, how the laws on it are enforced and how they’re subverted, and by who
  • This probably gets spread throughout all the other books, but a deeper look at the whole culture of the Imperium, to help breathe a unique life and depth to games set there

I’m always in 2 minds over miniatures for TTRPGs. I rarely use maps so they would only get used once in a blue moon.
For Dune though, with its greater emphasis on zones for both physical combat and intrigue, a range of miniatures is tempting. That and it is Dune.

I guess it would also depend on how the license is structured for Modiphius. I’ve not heard of a miniatures game on the list of licenses issued so there is probably less clash there at least.

If issued I will give them more consideration that I have the Star Trek ones, but it is still a toss up as to which way I go.

In the mean time I will just pull my Van Saar gang out of the loft…

I’ll second the call for written adventures. With a fam and a busy job, it’s hard to find time to write stuff up. With a well written adventure to tweak like what’s been coming for Trek, I’m more than happy.


Fear not, adventures are on the list. I very much appreciate them myself as a GM.
The Corebook does carry a lot of story seeds though as well, and there is another adventures ‘Harvesters of Dune’ so there is plenty to work with.


Great to hear! One shots, shorter adventures, short campaigns, even solely pdfs would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
The adventure seeds will be fantastic, I’m sure, although I fear I don’t think Dune enough to write one :). We’ll see!

Late to the party, as usual, but here’s the top three resources I’d buy in a heartbeat (most of them have admittedly been mentioned previously, so credit where it is due):

  1. Galactic Atlas

A listing of known worlds. Geography, climate, local star system features, economy, ruling house details, criminal markets, etc. Possibly rules for the creation of your own planets/systems.

  1. Underworld Sightseeing Guide

Smugglers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, etc. Known dens of villainy, how the criminal orders interact with the Houses/Navigators/CHOAM, how they get from system to system, etc.

  1. A Guide to the Imperium

A primer on how the Landsraad, Emperor, CHOAM, Navigators, and other organizations perform the balance of power in the Imperium. A guide to the major Houses, understanding the faufreluches, and how certain planets can have wildly different forms of leadership and government in the midst of a seemingly autocratic system of government.

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The Galactic Atlas concept is one of my favorite things and I buy all that are offered. The Star Wars Atlas is one of my all time favorite resources for RPGing in that setting. I also use the highly valuable Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek by
Geoffrey Mandel, for my 2D20 STA games. (A variation of Geoffery’s quadrant map is included in the Modiphius Core Rule book.)

With Dune, the “known universe” is so huge, with references to a 1000 inhabited worlds, it will be a massive undertaking for the writers. I would still want something to be produced.

Perhaps a “codex” or “sruvey” of an important subset? Something along the lines of what Geoffery did for Star Trek could work but I think that will have to come from the Herbert licensing team deciding how they want to “map out” the Imperium.

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A snapshot of a number of planets and solar systems in some detail for adventure backgrounds

Pre-written adventures(even better prewritten campaign)

Books on technology/mentats/BGs/Spacing Guild

House books (in-depth look at one house, their planet and Houses Minor)

Laandstadh (no I can’t spell!) book

Freman legends and stories

That will do for the first 6 months :nerd_face:

I would really like Era Books.

I think the post scattering era is a really neat period for play. (Book 5 and 6)
Lots of new character options to be had there.


Personally, I’d like a major campaign series, based on the backstory of the Dune novels - something akin to The Great Pendragon Campaign.


Because of the adventuring possibilities, something covering the War of Assassins prior to DUNE would be very useful to players in the setting. Lots of wicked folks in the War of Assassins. It would also allow development of characters prior to the Fall of House Atreides on Arrakis.

Yes, I think that an Assassins Handbook sourcebook is a must-have for anyone engaging in house-to-house warfare.

There is so much to explore - and to point out - about conducting such operations in the Imperium. What tools/poisons can be used, who can be a target, etc. I think that is so important to the setting that has an entire way of warfare under the heading of Assassination.

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No doubt. Maybe a broad tome covering THE RITES OF KANLY is in order?