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Dune Product Wishlist

-Campaigns and adventure collections (one-shots) books.

-Era sourcebooks (Butlerian Jihad, Atreides empire, Rakis…)

-Arrakis sourcebook.

I must say era sourcebooks do not sound like a good idea. There are (ten)thousands of years in between eras in Dune. The difference between Butlerian Jihad campaigns and Rakis campaigns would be the same as the difference between Conan and Star Trek Adventures.

Most beneficially for the game would be sourcebooks on factions that also flesh out how individual agents of the factions would behave. The universe in Dune is so vast that exploring the factions of the first novel already is a monumental task.

  1. Full prewritten campaigns and compendiums of short themed adventures would be beyond great. I do enjoy adding my own material, but generally its that - adding to prewritten campaigns. I just don’t have the time to write full campaigns, and if those aren’t forthcoming, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium is going to wind up on my shelf collecting dust instead of being played. It would be great to have a whole story that I can add my own, small contributions to, as time allows.

  2. A Butlerian Jihad sourcebook, or better still a Thinking Machines source book. This might be able to cover both the beginning and the end of the saga. For factions, I think it would be great to have one comprehensive book that covers the major factions, instead of smaller ones for each.

Truly, I’ll be up for collecting just about everything, as Dune is by far my favorite science fiction. Source books are great to have, and excellent for fleshing out knowledge of the setting, but a campaign or two per year ala D&D would keep me and my group playing for the run of the game.

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That I can tell you is very much part of the plan. I’m a big fan of making sure there are enough prewritten adventures. I’ve lost count of games that I’d love to run just never get round to as there isn’t anything to help me get the ball rolling. So we have a campaign in the works and plenty of pdf adventures just like we do for Star Trek.


That is excellent to hear, and now, I’m really even more excited for release, if possible.

Can’t wait to get my Atreides Gamemaster bundle. I am jonesin’ for it, bad. :slight_smile:

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From my side- Sourcebook for creating whole planetary systems with a description of existing ones from Dune universe…
Posters! Massive posters with those graphics from books!!!

Some matter of Imperium sourcebook. Focus on a variety of things, life in the Imperium, Courtly Intrigue gone into more in depth, add some more Houses at each level, possibly even stuff like fashion and the likes. I do enjoy daily life things to give more flavor. Detail some other worlds in brief, and maybe even one or two in depth. Probably include some form of “Random World Chart” like Star Trek has, since the Imperium is HUGE.

Organizations - A sourcebook on non-Noble organizations. Bene Gesserit, Ixians, Suks, Swordsmasters, Mentats, etc. (Honestly, this could be more than one book)

A new Era - Some different era mid whatever. So long as it’s different. Lots of room to shine without any worry of the big three overshadowing you.

An interesting section of the book talks about the Eras that the Devs have divided the timeline into for suggesting game ideas and which books are the best to read for them.

They specify 7 Eras, some of which are quite close in time but very different in feel (I.e The Imperium & The Ascension of Muad’Dib)
I wonder if these 7 Eras could be the basis of sourcebooks. Though I would probably view them as fodder for 3 sourcebooks, each covering 2-3 Eras to give enough material to make it worth it. Roughly split into Pre-Imperium, Imperium & Post-Imperium in my mind.

Yup, thats what we’re using for the skeleton of the timeline.
Everything we do in further sourcebooks will refer back to these as the standard breakdown of the eras. We may yet do specific stuff on specific eras, but this gives a frame of reference when detailing how things move through the timeline.

We may further subdivide or offer more detail depending on the book.
But we wanted to set out a structure from day 1 about how the general divisions worked.


“All of the above” :smiley:

One more idea crunch-wise: I would be interested in a more mechanical, system-based approach for running organisations, especially your house. The core book keeps it symple, just generating background and hooks for your house, then lets the game master decide, how things run.

Now, I’m definitly not looking for rules to simulate a house’s full accounting and taking care of every employee, slave, and everything. But some kind of simple-but-more-comprehensive system would be appreciuated for SOME of my campaigns on running the house. How successful are they economically? Politically? How their population thriuves (moral and loyalty, health, whatever). Following the general standing of my house within the Landsraad, CHOAM, with the Emperor… maybe a relativly simple system around deciding a major vote, influencing a decisions.
Maybe some rules around how many resources your house has available in a local/global/imperial scale conflict on a whim?
And, how this all ties with the existing mechanisms. For example, the military resource status of your
house may help you determine how many assets you have available in a warfare conflicts (or what quality). Or the results of your intrigue conflict may help you improve your standing with other houses.
I don’t know, difficult to tell, which is the right balance, but some options at least for house-keeping would be welcome.


Would having a pair of books focussed around Nascent & Minor Houses and also Major & Great Houses be of interest to people?

The two types of Houses lend themselves to quite different playstyles. The smaller Houses you are more likely to be dealing with, or even being, the Nobles of the family. They are looking to grow to a larger state and get out from under their House Major.
The Major & Great Houses are already on top of the pile. Your players may not have as direct a connection to the Nobles constantly, but will have more resources at their disposal than the smaller Houses.

Depending on how Modiphius wants to expand things they could also put more detail into the domains for different size of Houses.