Which types of characters are you most excited about playing as?

Hi all! Just curious as to the taste and preferences of everyone and seeing what types of characters, which house or factions, and what roles you are excited about playing?

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I wish I would be playing, I’ll be the GM. :smile: But as the main Dune fanatic left of our group (the others moved) the assumption is I will run it. That and the fact I will have all the books. (And dice, GM screen, adventures, soundtrack…)

For the type of game I will run it will be with my players being on detached duty from their House. So they will be given resources to deal with problems that effect the House with plausible deniability.

They won’t start on Arrakis, though they will probably visit at least once. Maybe more depending on their actions. They will hop around the universe fulfilling tasks and generally being a nuisance to their House’s enemies. It allows me to showcase some interesting locations from the industrial hive of Geidi Prime, to quiet scheming on Caladan via the technical marvel of the Richessian moon of Korona. (Though in hindsight it was a poor choice of name)

Knowing my players I expect I will have a Noble with diplomatic skills, a Swordmaster, a dodgy Smuggler and some form of Mentat, possibly focused on engineering.
If I can get in some of the others who left via zoom I will gain a Bene Gesserit and an Assassin.


I feel your pain! :slight_smile:

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House Atreides turncoat, with mission to spy on rival Houses. Not sure which class because none published yet.

That is unless you have a lead on information on what are the playable classes…

Modiphius has said the pre-order will come with a preview that will showcase some of the stuff the beta testers played with.
So probably no character creation rules, but you’ll be able to see some of the pre-gen characters I expect and be able to extrapolate a lot from them.

Thanks. Do you have information on when the pre-order game (starter set?) will publish?

Early December is all we have I think.
Modiphius has said they are planning on running some virtual games at Dragoncon/Modcon on the 3rd-6th December so my money would be then for maximum impact.

Yup, Count Thalim is correct.
Early December for preorder (I can’t be more specific quite yet) and while that’ll be a way from release there will be something to get you started.

If you can’t wait that long (and even if you can) the team will be running games of Dune at ModCon so you can check it out.


Ixian, if possible

Sort of :slight_smile:
You get to create your own House, so while you won’t be Ix specifically,
you can create a House similar to House Vernius, but with your own twists.


I’m guessing this will look similar to the house creation system in the new Klingon core rule book?

Maybe with an additional step or two to define the House’s homeworld and give it an initial relationship/reputation with at least one of the major canon houses?

It might do, but I’ve not had a chance to look at the Klingon book yet, much to my shame ! :slight_smile:

Hegh’bat for you then

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Can you play a Guild Navigator?

I’m afraid not, despite their ability to pilot between stars they aren’t very mobile :slight_smile:)
Although we might find a way to add them later.

However, you can play an agent of the Guild, who acts as a connection for your House who might also be a financial advisor.
We’ve also added the talent ‘failed navigator’ for a character who has failed the test to become a navigator but gained some insight.

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Playing as a Fremen would be nice :slight_smile: hope we can ride Worms again as in the first game.

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Fremen make appearances and you will probably be able to create one, but from what Modiphius has released so far the initial focus has been on the House Majors.
I expect a deep dive into the Fremen, their culture and special rules/abilities for them will come in a source book. Probably one that looks at Arrakis as a whole.

All supposition though. :wink:

That may be on the cards… :slight_smile:

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So does that mean we will we be getting a version of the Dune Tarot as part of the add ons? :rofl:

Nothing planned but I’d like to do something along those lines.
I’m something of a tarot collector so its one of those small parts of the setting that interests me a lot.

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