Which types of characters are you most excited about playing as?

As members of your own House of the Landsraad, you can be deadly Swordmasters, Bene Gesserit acolytes, incorruptible Suk-school physicians, brilliant and devious Mentats, enigmatic agents of CHOAM or the Spacing Guild, hardy Fremen, resourceful smugglers, or even nobles with immense political power held in check by duty and responsibility.

per https://www.modiphius.net/blogs/news/what-is-dune

So, playable Fremen confirmed.

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Kult: Divinity Lost uses an setting-appropriate tarot-like deck to help you create new story details and plots due through what is prescribed in an accompanying rule book.

That would be great for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium. :slight_smile:

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I will also certainly be GM rather than player, but honestly I think I prefer it that way. Something about intrigue, mystery and espionage/investigation whets my appetite to run it more than play it. I doubt I’ll be running any long-term games but I trust the setting will give me some solid options for mini-campaigns.

And one of the players will definitely be the most criminal option possible…

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Yes indeed.

Yup, I do agree with you really.
If I had to pick only one of the two to ever do again I’d pick being a GM.
But I do like to play at least once in a while. Mainly as there is so little work involved!
Plus, every game I buy I have a load of ideas for cool characters I want to play, but never get the chance to play them as anything other than NPCs.

Alas, I will be GMing as well but if I do get a chance to play, I think I’d like to go for either a Mentat or a Bene Gesserit acolyte.

For the mentat I think it would be exciting to be working for a Great House, perhaps helping on a new venture or expanding new economic opportunities.

For the BG, definitely something in the Missionaria Protectiva. I want to pave the way for some long-term BG scheme. :slight_smile:

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