Player Tokens/Miniatures

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Curious what everyone (that has had the LUXURY of) playing in-person is doing for Player Tokens or Miniatures? This would seem to be a system that lends itself easily to “theater of the mind” but curious what everyone else has experienced.


I’ve raided my TORG collection of tokens for use with Dune.
Most of the time we don’t bother with them, but there are occasions (Warfare and Espionage conflicts) that we have found them useful.

As for the luxury of playing in person I flat out refused to run Dune online. I struggled enough with running other games during lockdown and I didn’t want to risk damaging a Dune campaign like that.
It meant I delayed the start by a bit, but it was really worth it for my style and sanity.


I have been hoping so much for minis based on the new movie.

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We’ve not got plans for Minis at the moment (although that may change)
but we’re not using likenesses as you’ll notice from out art.
So, helmeted soldiers etc. may look the same as the movie but we won’t be doing ones based on specific actors.