Any more info on Dune at Gencon?

As it says in the title really. The game designers are proabably hard at work but the game was mooted to be a 2019 release wasn’t it? I’d be happy to see the process worked on without rushing to deadline to get it it right - but any information or promos would be appreciated. With the movies coming out next year, I think the game could be awesome too, but there are a lot of things to get right to make it work.

Last I heard was “late 2019”… I’ll be worried if they aren’t starting the press in earnest by 1 October.

Well, like I say, I’d rather get a good product than a rushed one - but some updates and information on it would still be good. For me, personally, the ‘deadline’ will be comforatbly before the movies get released which is next year of course.


I believe that the game was slated for release in 2020 to coincide with the new film in the works and that Gale Force 9 are doing board games based on it too

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GenCon is happening now. Anything?

The Dune board game was at the Con, played it and ordered a copy.

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is the boardgame by Modiphius?

The boardgame is by GF9. The RPG is joint between GF9 and Modiphius… My FLGS has me down for a copy. I’m half-tempted to buy a second, just in case.

And theyre reprinting the legendary Dune, by Avalon Hill!

Whats it about? Can you provide details, please? Thanks

The Dune boardgame has several things happening at once.
You have to have troops grab spice, you need to try to control the sietches, and you need to not be ganged up upon by the other players…

It’s got a deterministic bluffing driven combat system: dial 0-(number of troops), add the leader, and an offensive and defensive card (if you have the cards to do so) and know that your dialed amount is how many you WILL lose if you win; loser loses all. Your leader dies if your defense card doesn’t stop the opponent’s attack card. Highest dialed plus surviving leader.

The negotiation is not nearly as unfriendly as in Diplomacy or Pax Britannica, but it’s still a major part.

Oh, and sandworms and storms make life difficult for everyone.

Each house has special abilities. For example, the Bene Gesserit can win by (at start of game) writing a prediction of which turn and who wins, in which case, if they are right, the other guy loses to the BG, for they prophesied it… (and usually, manipulated the hell out of everyone else to make it happen then.)

The factions include Fremen, House Harkonnen, BG, House Atreidies, House Corrino, and Spacing Guild.
In no small irony, I’ve played it as every one of those factions, and as the Ixians… I’ve won as BG (joint once, prediction once), Atreides (once joint with Corrino, once joint with BG, once joint with Fremen, and once joint with Harkonen and Spacing Guild)

Magazine expansions included

  • the Ixians
  • The Landsraad,
  • a sheet of additional treachery cards

A fan expansion for the Tleilaxu is on BGG…

There were also some boxed expansions:

  • The Duel - which allowed using kanly, and occasionally, leaders dueling it out, as a minigame with betting by the varius parties. Not a strong addition, as it generally adds 15 to 60 minutes play time. Now, if you use it just as a minigame on its own, it’s a great minigame. And it definitely adds to the Dune flavor when combined… but…
  • The Spice Harvest - replaced standard setup with a roughly 15 to 60 minute auction minigame… and it was awesomely thematic, so I am hoping GF9 reprints it.

With experienced players, a core game can run to completion in under 3 hours… as low as 1 hour if everything comes up just right. The longest core I recall was 4 hours. With expansions and 7p, we managed to have one drag out to about 6 hours…

If you want more details, the blog of GF9 has the quick-start rulebook up as a preview. It’s not saying “changes” to me…

But it’s also not got the advanced rules, and those needed some errata.


THANKS bud, you just described the classic Dune game reprint, :smile: I thought it was a different game.

Its the same game I have already.

When I’ve used the Guild, I’ve always won.

The new edition has nice art. My old AH set is missing a couple leaders.

The QS describes the game better than the original, but it’s the same game, yes.

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What we all wanna know really is WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE 2D20 GAME !!! :slight_smile:

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@TheOldBadger I’m more curious as to which mode of 2d20… if it’s JCoM or STA style, I’m less interested than if it’s Conan or MC3 style.

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I’m assuming it will be conan style

Assumption is dangerous.
And as yet, rumor.

Agreed. Dune doesn’t feel like it lends itself to a watered down simplistic version of 2d. 20. I’m giving Modiphius the benefit of the doubt as they haven’t disappointed yet.

Hope it has a Reign (G Stolze) or Fate option for clashing cultures, ideologies, systems, as PCs.

Played the board game this weekend, it’s definitely a reprint, but worth the investment considering the AH version goes for 100+ on ebay.

Hoping Dune RPG will be the more combat oriented flavor, i.e Conan.

The film will be released a little over a year from now. I would have thought that we would see some action on this game by now. It’s supposedly going to be released prior to the first film.

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