Polygon article reveals more Dune news

You’ll be glad to hear we have some news!

We can confirm it is 2D20, although a version specially adapted for Dune,
and we can finally reveal the amazing talent we have working on the project.


Thank you for the update! I’m loving this so far

As long as K Anderson is not involved, it sounds awesome, by Muad’Dib!


Looking forward to this. Why it is stated as massive?

Do you not think it’s massive?!

I don’t see the reason for this adjective yet. Massive project… OK, how so? Will there be dozens of books, adventures or simply big fat core rulebook?

Aside from that, the universe of Dune is big, but not that big to compare with Star Wars/Start Trek and other currently under development by Modiphius.

hello all.
Any know if Alejandro Jodorowsky concepts would be consider for the RPG?

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As it’s being released to tie in with the upcoming film I would consider that highly unlikely.

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Really looking forward to this. Dune has been one of my favourite universes for years and it has been a long time since I was able to run the previous version of Dune for my gaming group.

Have to see what 17 years more experience means for us in Dune.

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“Massive” as in it will be a hugely anticipated, major licensed game associated with a highly anticipated, major movie series based on a major, highly celebrated book series.

To me, at least, this is massive.


Its a hype thing. Standard marketing strat.


I generally like 2D20 and the idea of Major House could be interesting as discussed I the article.

I would be interested to see if they do any Era adaption if they are drawing on the original source material eg before or after the events of Dune.

New Major House step forth etc.


Just off the top of my head we have the possibility of Butlerian Jihad, Corrino Imperium and Freman Jihad eras.

Pushing further out we have the Post-Leto era, but that is a very different setting suddenly. Though Miles Teg was one my favoured characters.

Not sure of the license involved, but I am fairly sire they will concentrate on the time period around the first book. The idea is to tie to the movie and sell as many copies of the book as possible to movie fans.

Do NOT, for the sake of all that is good and pure, infuse this game with current time sensibilities or identity politics. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and the Comic book industry are all going down the tubes in quality, impact and more importantly: PROFITABILITY. Do not set yourselves up to fail or poison what we love with this. This can be a great game, but not if you infuse our escapism with this devisive garbage.


Hello n welcome!

What do you mean?

There is some irony when somebody comes to a thread to infuse it with a politicized message, that the message itself is 'don’t infuse this game with politics’! :slight_smile:

My answer to this claim is to note that Dune is a politicized novel. A metaphor can be something that is personal and perceived, but I think there has always been some notion of Arrakis and it’s Spice production being allegorical to the Middle East and oil production in the real world. The machinations of the various groups is obviously presenting a ‘real politik’ theme to the story, while even the psychedelic/religious aspects, as well as the post-tech societies depicted can be seen as making politicized statements.

But Dune isn’t alone in this respect. The truth is that any story, in any medium, can be argued to be infused with politics. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, the Comic book industry were never just about ‘escapism’ - they always had politicizing messages behind their stories. The question is what politics are they infusing it with and whether they agree with your sensibilities or not. When people complain about politics in any medium, they are usually telling us more about their own sensibilities than anything else.

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No, there isn’t irony in asking that the game not be infused with politicized messages, because I am not mentioning any kind of political agenda of my own. I want none of the modern day sensibilities in this game of the far future. Notice I lack a political goal here? Therefore, not ironic. Star Trek? Maybe. But with a very utopian vision, rather then say a negative one. Star Wars? Wrong. It tells the quintessential Heroes Journey and the story of a father and son. There is no reflection of that times political climate according to the writers and visionary. So, just no. But, all of what you said doesn’t matter. Most people seek escapism in their fiction and games. That’s just a fact. Furthermore, all the above franchises are losing money because they think they can justify their virtue signalling and devisiveness with the reasons above you gave. And you know what? They are all losing money because of it. That is also a fact that is indisputable. I would prefer a game that isn’t set up to take sides or positions of the modern day, but one that reflects what is occurring in the game universe. Keep the game in the game, keep the real world out of it. That way, we can all enjoy it…rather then say, choosing to demonize or lambast or belittle a side or position just because you don’t like them. Keep it away from the game, and make money. Put it in the game, and lose money. It’s simple a choice.


Star Wars aint losing money, as far as I can tell…

BTW, do you think peeps wouldve accepted Luke being female, as originally proposed by GL?

The one thing you definitely have shown here is that you have a political goal. You are deluding yourself if you think you don’t. You are also deluding yourself if you think your opinions are facts.

And you are totally wrong. Last time I checked, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and the Comic book industry are all making big, big money.