Dune Most Anticipated RPG

So Dune is rated most anticipated RPG for 2020 on enworld. It made the list last year also.

Still haven’t heard anything about this game?

Is there an issue with licensing?

Any had any news or doing any playtesting?

I believe that it is to come out around when the movie does

We’re really excited to have been voted the most anticipated game. So I did want to jump on here and say a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who voted for us, especially as we’ve not said much.

Sadly we still can’t say anything about the game. But I can confirm it is still very much an ongoing project and my team are producing some awesome stuff.

We’re desperate to show you what we’ve been up to, and as soon as we can we absolutely will. You won’t have to wait as long as the Bene Gesserit had to for the Kwisatz Hadarack!


Welcome, Andy!

Can you at least suggest that the game will be arriving about when the movie does?

Any chance of joining the playtest on Dune 2d20 (Already doing others)

We’re not running any official playtest quite yet.
But all going well we hope to soon - although the length of time ‘soon’ turns out to be could be anything.
However, we’ll be putting out a call when we do so you won’t miss your chance.


Excited to see this and very eager to join the playtest when things get there. Here’s hoping this gets done more quickly than an accurate Dune film.

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…or miniseries… :laughing:

Trying to get my group psyched up to play test this. It’s coming soon right? :grinning:

A couple of them have never read any Dune. They instantly lost their geek card. Must be a 40 plus geek thing?

Hey! The miniseries was pretty faithful to the book (except for enlarging Irulan’s role in the story).

The cast, on the other hand, was not as strong as one might wish.

It was enjoyable but the budget was pretty low. The movie was a disaster. No idea where the voice weapons came from.

Oddly enuff, the movie was lauded by Herbert.

Thinking there was probably some money that exchanged hands over the movie.

he even did the narrative for the directors cut

Would love to playtest the game. Been a dune fan since the early 80’s .

What do you mean?

I’m sure they paid him a bit for the rights.

Having said that teen me loved the movie. Fifty year old me, not so much.

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Of course they had to pay for the rights… thats standard practice.

I mean, what was Herbert going to say though? - “the Dune movie sucks; don’t watch it!’?

I mean the movie sucks, although it remains visually interesting. It was a poor adaptation overall, with weird tangents from the books, and a confused, incoherent narrative.

The main issue, I think, is that the movie was forced to be edited down to a 2 hour limit - which meant the more complex ideas were impossible to explain, let alone explore within the timeframe. The voice-over expositions are quite irritating, honestly and frequently unfaithful to the books. Specifically, for me:

Bene Gesserit are not ‘psychic’. They employ highly developed psychological techniques in the book - but can’t literally use telepathy or the like. They are all meant to be highly attractive too - not bald.

Similarly, the ‘Weirding Way’ is a martial art form, not the use of particular 'power word’ sounds that can be amplified.

Baron Harkonnen and his entourage are highly intelligent, if psychopathic, machiavellian schemers of the highest order. They are not the cartoonish, melodramatic villains presented in the movie.

The Atreides, also, are not the white knight House presented in the movie, and Paul Atriedes is not a hero as such, either. This is especially true when you read onto the following books in the series. He is not a supernaturally powered, actual ‘god’.

There is no milking of bald cats, used to provide an antidote for any toxin.

There is a good critique of the David Lynch Dune movie here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llSvz3p4vrw

David Lynch actually lost the editorial control to execs, and has disowned the movie since because of this reason. He probably wasn’t the right director for the job - he wasn’t a sci-fi fan - but was using the big budget feature as an avenue towards green-lighting his own projects (Blue Velvet, etc) in the future.

Had the movie been a full 3 hours+, it may have made more sense, and Villeneuve’s decision to make the narrative split over two movies is highly promising by comparison. I am really looking forward to how he deals with the material - going on his already impressive resumé.

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I really liked the «complete» version. Its utter weirdness, from exotic far future humanity, makes it more «dunish» :star_struck:, and some awesome touches, like the inner monologues, really struck me when I first saw it.

Other authors have expressed dislike for movie adaptations before, but, from what I’ve gathered, I believe Herbert truly appreciated it. Its another medium, after all.

2 each its own :upside_down_face: