Dune 2d20 and Dune 2020 movie

So I’ve seen a little buzz in the last couple of days about the new Dune movie to be released in December, 2020. I’m curious if the Modiphius Dune game will be some sort of movie tie-in of if it will be totally unconnected.

Anyone with any details about the Dune RPG?

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Pretty certain the release of licensed games and other paraphernalia is all due to the building hype surrounding the upcoming movie.

The real question will be how well the RPG will mesh with the lore presented by the movie and whether the premise will be strongly game-able.

Anyway, 2D20 in 2020 is…noted! :slight_smile:

Hello i just hear about Modiphius Dune RPG and i jump here, please check about Alejandro Jodorowsky, hes propose for Dune universe is so vast and awesome! and her vision about space opera is actuali the best, look for comics like La Caste des Méta-Barons.
He must be invited to your Dune proyect PLEAAAASE!!

Pd: i’m not him XD

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The big studios have realised that there is so much merchandising that can be tied to a big movie. They are going to be spraying the marketing budget around so why not get a bit more out of licensing the additional threads out. It is free money to them and companies like Modiphius will spend their own money marketing it so it goes even further. Positive feedback loop.

With Covid19 causing merry havoc with the film release schedules I wonder if this will have a knock on effect to the Dune movie due to so many other films being pushed back into the last quarter.
You don’t want too many blockbusters coming out at the same time after all so it is possible that they will delay Dune to the start of 2021.

If they do will this have an impact on the Modiphius Dune release? It is being done as a tie-in to the movie release so will a delay on the movie lead to a delay in the RPG to keep them in sync?

I wouldn’t start jumping the gun on anything just yet. The situation really is unprecedented and no-one knows what will pan out from it.

Oh, I completely agree we have no idea how things will pan out. Hence the wonder out loud.

But the movie delays have been announced and we know studios don’t like too many big films coming out close to each other.

I admit however that we don’t yet have a release date for the Dune RPG, the assumption about a release date to the in with the film is conjecture on my part.

As with all things time will tell.