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Looking so much forward to Dune...but Adam Koebel?!

The Polygon article about the coming Dune RPG really made me wanting this. But the more I was confused when I saw the name Adam Koebel listed as one of the writers. This very Adam Koebel sexually harassed as a GM a PC of a female player publicly against her will on his Far Verona show, season 2 not so long ago. The rest of the cast was also shocked, so they quitted Far Verona altogether together with the victim and the show was cancelled. So, Modiphius, what will we be expecting of such a writer in your upcoming game? Sadly less thrilled, now, knowing who will contribute to this great setting. :face_vomiting:

Here the statement of the female harassed player:

Looking online the incident, that no-one is disputing, happened at the start of April.
The article listing the contributors is from a month earlier.

I don’t know enough about the incident or what Modiphius’ processes are to know how it will impact the game, but Modiphius cannot take any flack at the moment for not having access to a Spacing Guild navigators prescience.

As far as I can tell the incident in itself wasn’t really of note (the character was a robot or droid, so the sexual assault was kind of an exageration). I suppose the main problem is that Adam Koebel has been a vocal advocate of “consent in gaming”, safety tools and such, so it was mostly an hypocrisy revealed kind of incident.

Well, to the player and her fellow players in Far Verona it was of note, the whole cast dropped out of the show and it was cancelled. And as you can see in the video I linked, to the player who was violated it was a big thing. Haven’t seen something close to that in any actual play I’ve seen so far, not even Conan were I would rather expect this with it’s chainmail bikinis and such.

I’ve watched the video and I’m not defending his character - I don’t know what came before and what kind of personal relation he has with those players, so I have no way to classify what happened, except on my own personal point of view. But one thing is quite clear: the man is an hypocrite, as he wold most probably condemn this kind of incident if he wasn’t involved in it… If that reflects on his future work in Modiphius’ Dune? Not for me. I would prefer if they had chosen another team, but for very different reasons.

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I agree, it’s the typical preach water and drink wine situation.

If you know who Bill Maher is, whether you like him or not, he did something cringeworthy - used the N-word during his Real Time show last year. He immediately apologized and devoted the entire next episode to addressing it, continuing to apologize. He was held accountable for what he said, allowed to apologize, and move on.

Koebel is being held accountable for his lack of judgement and crossing the line - Far Verona cancelled, the Far Verona group quitting on the spot, that group losing their trust in Koebel as GM, his own statement saying he was going to step back from the Hobby which will undoubtedly lead to additional streams with which he is affiliated distancing themselves from him. Hopefully he reflects and learns from this, finds a way to make amends, and moves on as a better person. Time will tell.

That said, his contributions to Dune, whatever they may be, does not and will not dampen or tarnish my excitement for it’s eventual release. I will buy it whether or not Koebel’s contributions remain. But, that’s me and by no means indicative of anyone else. For those who feel differently, such as the OP,I can respect that.


Hi there,

The Dune roleplaying game is still in development, and we are reviewing and editing all of the content going into the game and the book. We are aware of the issues surrounding Adam’s streamed Far Verona game, and Adam was indeed commissioned to write material for the Dune roleplaying game. Like every other writer on the project, his work will be reviewed, edited, and checked for cultural and sensitive issues by our team of developers prior to inclusion.

Modiphius upholds high editorial standards, and will continue to hold writers to these standards in their work with us.