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Tell me of your blog needs Usul

Now we’ve come to the end of the faction characters,
and many of you have had a look at the rules of the game first hand,
what would you like to see in blog posts?

Are there any particular rules you want more detail on, or ways to play the game you’d like to know more about?

I’ll be talking about Agent/Architect play next and conflict, but I’d like to know what you’d all like to hear about.

It is great to hear that conflict is next up. Specifically, I’d like to see discussion and examples of Espionage and Warfare conflicts.


Possibly something on the House and how to build it into your game.
The creation and use of it in the game is one part of what sets Dune apart from other games.


I very much agree withg @Moridin77 and @CountThalim as well. Really, I think there is great potential in running your house - but any ideas would be really great.
One more thing: I am really interested in Espionage and especially Intrigue conflicts from practical point of view: how to avoid making a role-playing opportunity too mechanical, but still fully using the conflict toolkit. I think some examples or just tips&tricks would help a lot.


One of the reasons I chose Espionage and Warfare conflicts, specifically, is because they seem like they would use a lot more than just the personal assets of the PC’s. So I’m curious about stuff like what, and how many, assets they would have access to for such conflicts and how many actions the other side should get since some of the enemy NPC’s are just assets.


Agent/Architect play examples and contrasts between the two styles from and function would be very useful.

I’d love to see something on Asset examples and their use in a faction centric focus. I am thinking of how does a Writ of Particulars work as an asset for character interactions with the Landsraad. How certain House domains interact with CHOAM related agent/architect play. I see great potential in some seriously cool adventure designs around Acts dedicated to architect play from afar interspersed with Agent play.

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