Warfare conflict - Has anyone run one

I have run a semi-warfare conflict in my campaign before, but it was a hybrid warfare/espionage battle.
With my players about to declare as a House Major and an event before that which could lead to a warfare situation I am looking over the rules and posts here again.

Has anyone run a warfare conflict in their games yet, and if so what pitfalls and unexpected quirks did you find?
I understand the rules, but reading the book and hearing about practical implementations of them are two different things.


I think i will be on Saturday. We’re doing a little tester session to try a couple of things out before we go back to our campaign. The set up is very simple and i’ve designed an espionage conflict; after that the players will decide the next step but ive prepared a warfare conflict in case they decide to go all out. I will report back.


We ran one and it worked exactly as expected. Felt very similar to the espionage conflict in terms of zones and assets and ironically was very cinematic