Conflict Zone Map Templates or Examples

I was wondering if anyone has a collection of, or knows where to find a collection of, various zone maps that could be broadly applicable for various types of conflict? I am mostly interested in ones for espionage, warfare and intrigue. Could be from other games that use similar rules, not just Dune specific. For example, Diaspora.

You could look for maps relating to Fate or Infinity (see bottom image), they both use the same zone concept. I couldn’t find an online collection off hand, though.

I created Irkalla below for my game for an Espionage/Warfare conflict, but in Skirmish I’ve generally just used a normal map and eyeballed zones.

Do you think a set of zone maps would be a useful resource to put together?

I agree Fate maps would be a good thing to look for. I had briefly googled, but also didn’t immediately find a lot. There was a few, but not a repository of a bunch. Not like when you google your standard D&D maps. There are tons of standard battle maps, and I agree, just easier to use those for skirmish.

I think it would be very useful to have a set of zone maps. Even if just for inspiration.

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You’ll also find a few more zone maps in the GMs Toolkit and Agents of Dune as well