Are there any maps out there?

Are there any maps one could get their hands on for Dune, other than the basic world maps I can find in an easy Google search? I’m specifically looking for Arrakeen. I can run without one - I already have - but it might help add to the scenario.


As far as i know there aren’t any other maps that have really been done other than those based off the Northern regions one in the book.

Certainly nothing for Arrakeen or Carthag.

It does just seem to be a strange blind spot in Dune media in general.

There is the GM’s screen of course for a map of Arrakis :slight_smile:

With Arrakeen and Carthag we detailed a lot of their general layout in Sand and Dust (but sadly couldn’t add a map due to time) so those will give you most of the detail you need.

For Arrakeen or Carthag just grab some maps of Mos Eisley. :grin:

There are some fairly basic maps of various House home planets in some of the novels as well.

Thanks! I appreciate knowing that. Could you add it to the wishlist?

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a pretty good one. I always picture a really, really arid middle eastern setting, but Mos Eisley is a good one as well.

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Some of the hardcover editions of the House novels have maps, but I cannot get to mine to say which right now. has some of the maps.

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At @aramis suggestion I have done some digging on the maps from the prequel books. I had the paperbacks so don’t recall them but they are out there.


Giedi Prime

I had a hunt around to see if there was one from House Corrino for Kaitain but I can’t see anything.

These particular images came from an April fools post on Geopolitical Futures which is both a brief history and an amusing post Dune novel analysis.

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