Handouts for Dune Adventures

Hey guys, for my future Dune Campaigns like Desertfall or Kernels of Doubt im looking for Handouts.
Im usually a fan of Handouts cause for me they make things more appealing.

Do you have any experience with handouts for those adventures? Or for Dune RPG overall? Have you used any ?

For Desertfall im thinking of love letters the players can find for the servants. Or something from house harkonnen to show how brutal they are and how much they hate Atreides for example.
Or a Harkonnen Order to position 2 Agents in the Palace for desertfall.

I didn’t do any handout for Desertfall when I ran it, but I did use them a fair amount in the campaign I ran for my group.

In that I had 2 Family trees and House Hierarchys from the two eras as a general handout at the start of each season.
There were also pictures of some of the key members and at various times I handed out wax sealed letters from other Houses, Intelligence reports, letters from the House Seneschal and for the climactic battle a planetary map with unit cards & tokens (from TORG & the Agents of Dune set)

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Thats a lot of nice work you got there. I think Desertfall is completely fine without handouts - i just do like them. But i probably think love letters and maybe a threatening or an intelligence letter with information where the Atreides will sleep or which survant is vulnerable for certain stuff could add some more depth.

Would love to do the waxing stuff like u did but i sadly have nothing to do so :frowning:

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I stole my kids sealing sets. :laughing:

They are actually fairly cheap, about £10 will get you a kit with candles, wax, melt spoon and a seal of choice.
The kids really liked them so we ended up getting a whole series of different heads for the seals. It works out at between 50p-£1 for basic ones. More if you are getting fancier or custom seals.