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Dune 2: The Next House

I’ve just finished doing House and Character creation for my new Dune campaign.

As ever a lot of interesting ideas from my players. Some of which I expected, some of which I did not. But plenty of hooks for me to use in my plots. :smiling_imp:

Allow me to present House Sindri

House Minor
Major House: Ezharian
Primary Domain: Industrial Production (High quality rare ores)
Secondary Domain: Science Understanding (Working in extreme environments)
Traits: Extreme Miners, Tenacious

House Sindri hails from the world of Cheruf. A tectonically active world it has many active volcanoes which bring a wealth of rich ores to the surface, though accessing them in such hostile conditions is not an easy task. House Sindri is one of the few who have the knowledge to do so, in fact their founder was the chief engineer for the former House Minor who ran the operations several centuries ago. Until they were all wiped out in a series of suspicious accidents of course.

They have a close relationship with the Spacing Guild due to their being one of the few reliable sources of rare earths that are needed to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of Heighliners. So much so that one of the members of the House, Aria Sindri, is considered an Honorary Consul on Cheruf.

Their relationships with other House Minors on Cheruf are not so close. Many of the other Houses are clustered around the more fertile lands of the extinct volcanoes and so have little in common with House Sindri.

The current ruler is Lord Lucas Sindri. A rather hands-off ruler he prefers to spend time with his long term mistress amidst other distractions, leaving the actual running of the House to his Brother and Uncle.


Nice work! I love the family tree idea. :clap:

We have just completed our session 0.5 (first one was online) and the campaign “Dune: The Sindri Chronicles” is now running.

In the Minor House Sindiri on the Planet Cheruf intrigue is afoot.
With the mysterious death in a 'thopter accident of the House Warmaster the players are tasked by the House Seneschal, Armand Sindri, to find out what is behind the accident.
With fractures with in the House beginning to stir, can the players uncover what is happening and what will they do if they succeed?


Lady Aria Sindri
Younger sister to the Lord and the Guild honorary consul on Cheruf.
The Lady Aria is the diplomatic member of the siblings, soothing over issues and dealing with the Guild to such an extent that they trust her implicitly.
But with intrigues in the House rising to the surface her loyalties may be pulled in more directions than even she can handle.


  • Duty: 8 (I know my responsibilities)
  • Faith: 4
  • Justice: 7 (Family First)
  • Power: 6 (I get what I want)
  • Truth: 5


  • Battle: 5
  • Communicate: 6 (Diplomacy, Persuasion)
  • Discipline: 5
  • Move: 6 (Logistics)
  • Understand: 6 (Linguistics)


  • Binding Promise
  • Guildsman
  • Dual Fealty

Kaeo Vriani
The newly promoted Strategist to House Sindri. With the Warmasters death things are shifting in the House. Can the mentat Kaeo manage to handle her new responsibilities even as she uncovers fissures within it’s very structure?


  • Duty: 7 (The House will endure, no matter the sacrifices that need to be made)
  • Faith: 4
  • Justice: 5
  • Power: 6 (The price of power is vigilance)
  • Truth: 8 (The truth will always be uncovered, no matter how many lies it is buried under)


  • Battle: 7 (Tactics)
  • Communicate: 4
  • Discipline: 6 (Observation)
  • Move: 5
  • Understand: 7 (Data Analysis)


  • Improvised Weapon
  • Mind Palace
  • Putting Theory into practice

The Suk doctor of the House. Trusted to minister to the very highest in the House, but what will she uncover in the body of the Warmaster and does it have a connection to a death in her past?


  • Duty: 8 (See no harm comes to those in my care)
  • Faith: 5
  • Justice: 6 (Justice comes to all in the end)
  • Power: 4
  • Truth: 7 (Some secrets should stay that way)


  • Battle: 4
  • Communicate: 6 (Neurolinguistics)
  • Discipline: 6 (Precision)
  • Move: 5
  • Understand: 7 (Psychiatry, Infectious diseases)


  • Imperial Conditioning
  • Subtle Step
  • Rigorous Control

A quiet man who always appears to be in the background. Bastion has been devoted to the House since it accepted him after his fathers exile. He will not betray that trust, but to who exactly should it be owed?


  • Duty: 8 (I owe everything to the House)
  • Faith: 5
  • Justice: 6 (Support our allies, harass out foes)
  • Power: 4
  • Truth: 7 (Strategy requires facts, not assumptions)


  • Battle: 4
  • Communicate: 5
  • Discipline: 7 (Espionage, Infiltration)
  • Move: 6 (Unobtrusive)
  • Understand: 6 (Data Analysis)


  • Subtle Step
  • Hidden Motives
  • Passive Scrutiny

I still have the final players character to finish, but she wasn’t able to make it tonight.

  • The daughter of the dead Warmaster. Can she find the truth while fighting the grief of losing her mother? Her insight may be crucial, if she can ever truly grasp it.

This character will technically break the rules by having the talent Failed Navigator while not being part of the Spacing Guild. The reasoning behind this is that they were considered for training but washed out of the program. House Sindri’s close ties allowed her to return there but she is considered something of an embarrassment by many in the Guild who would rather such a loose end was tidied up.


Seems like a solid cast with well developed drive statements. I’d love to see updates on your campaign!

Carry on posting updates as id love to know how it unfolds!

First Proper session tonight.
I’ll update on how it goes but in the meantime one of my players drew the House symbol. :slight_smile:


I love that! Kudos to the artist!

The story begins…

The players met with the House Seneshal, Armand Sindri, the uncle to the current Lord. He was concerned that the recent 'thopter crash that killed the House Warmaster was not the accident that it was being attributed to. He asked his niece, Lady Aria, to quietly investigate the circumstances and identify if there was a threat to the House that would need to be dealt with.

The party immediately split themselves (of course :pensive:) with some investigating the crash site and others going to where the debris and body had been taken.
The pair at the crash site quickly determined that a set of the 'thopters wings had come away in mid-flight and landed separately. The mentat did become confused by all the recovery vehicle tracks however (rolled a natural 20) and proceeded to spend a lot of time studying their tracks and is convinced a non-house vehicle was present.
Meanwhile Lady Aria and the Suk doctor Carolyn investigated the Warmasters body, determining that the cause of death was blunt force trauma from the crash. Toxicology results were uncertain though (Another complication!) with the request possibly tipping off someone that investigations were ongoing (2 threat added to my pool).

With the party reassembled they studied the remains of 'thopter and Obtained Information with their previous momentum to identify that:

  • An explosion from within blew off a set of the wings causing the 'thopter to crash suddenly killing the Warmaster.
  • This was an unplanned trip with the Warmaster heading to the Lords estate without warning and when no other members of the House would be present.
  • The charges came from within House stockpiles held in the palace armouries.

Returning to the palace they narrowed the time that the sabotage could have taken place to within the hour before the Warmaster left. This gave them a short list of suspects who would have been alone or unnoticed on the 'Thopter pad.

  • Galen Sindri (The Lords brother)
  • Lady Olivia Sindri (The Lords BG trained wife)
  • Pelias Sindri (The Lords Heir)
  • Captain Anita Kovak (The Lords eldest illegitimate child)

Some further investigation also revealed that Warmaster had been investigating the House mining operations. Someone has been tinkering with the financial records and the Warmaster had been spending a lot of time at various mining operations investigating something.

We called it at that point, with the reveal of a plot within the House. But what the Warmaster had uncovered and who sabotaged their 'thopter still unknown… :smiling_imp:


Cracking stuff, what a start to a murder mystery! How long did that session take, and how often are you planning on running your sessions?

We started a bit later than usual so this session was probably just under 2 hours.
Normally we would aim for about 3 hours once a week.

We used to do 6 hour sessions once upon a time before children. :sleepy:

Yeah… I’ve got that problem now, and my gaming group play a wide variety of games, so I might be lucky for once month!