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Tell me of the Landsraad

So, now you have the House creation rules tell me about your Houses.
What are you putting together?
What domains and enemies do they have?


House Minor
Primary Domain: Politics (Expertise: Social Planners)
Secondary Domain: Espionage (Produce: Information and Secrets)
Homeworld: Leonis (IV Delta Pavonis), a cold forested world neighbouring Caladan and on the edge of the system’s habitable zone. The world is not large but has a rich biosphere and is considered a game reserve. House Pallas owes allegiance to the Atreides Dukes and is known for hosting spectacular galas and events attended by numerous nobles from all tiers of society.
Banners and Arms: A white owl on a silver field. Their colours are White and Silver.
Traits: Political, Manipulative
Enemies: House Karanov seeks the downfall of Pallas, exerting considerable efforts towards their destruction. Karanov once owned Leonis and sought to fulfil the function that Pallas does now, but found themselves expertly outmanoeuvred and mired in scandal.

Took a liberty or two with the Delta Pavonis system, can’t recall the books saying Caladan was the only habitable world in there - but hey, my game! :grinning:

So far, we have one PC created, Lukas Balaskas, Mentat Advisor to the House. Game is looking awesome btw, think it captures “Dune” perfectly.


This is the basis of the opponent House that my players will be initially facing. (Amy, stop reading) there are a few other things I am considering, but the core of the House is below. Feel free to make any comments or suggestions. Everything can always be improved. :slight_smile:

House Karasu
House Major

Primary Domain: Agricultural Produce
Secondary Domains: Espionage Expertise & Military Workers
Traits: Farmers, Deceptive
Emblem: A Sheaf of Wheat on a Shield Vert with a Chief Argent

House Karasu has ruled the fertile planet of Magor for over a thousand years and appears seemingly content to do so for a further thousand. Their grains and foodstuffs supply the needs of numerous planets and moons that are incapable of growing sufficient food for their own needs and the notable Aidani wines grace many a Great House table.
Of course such a bucolic appearance covers many darker stains. House Karasu is also widely known as a major purveyor of soldiers and assorted support personnel to whoever needs them. They have few qualms as to who they contract out their forces and, with the crushing boredom of an otherwise peaceful and constant life, a steady stream of young people willing to risk everything for some excitement and the chance for glory & wealth.
Less well known is the wide ranging information network that runs through the bustling spaceports that carry the produce of Magor throughout the Imperium. The spymasters of House Karsu sit at the heart of a beating network of information. Much of which is available to those in the know, though often the purchasers do not know who they are dealing with. Which is just how the House likes it.


Star System: Sarkany
Moons: One
Habitable: Class V
Noble House: Karasu
Primary Export: Agricultural produce & soldiers
Population: Scattered across the main continent in small towns, with a few major cities centred around spaceports
Languages: Gallach
Locations of Interest: Cardan Spaceport, Mount Idrassin and the Nest bunker.

The second planet in the Sarkany system, Magor is verdant world whose seemingly unending fields of grains can be easily seen from orbit. It’s copious exports feed many billions elsewhere in the Imperium and a constant stream of lighters and freighters come & go every day of it’s long year. A reputation as a quiet and boring place is spread by both those who seek adventure elsewhere as well as the Karasu spy network who would rather attention was directed elsewhere.

The first settlers to Magor found a world devoid of larger animals with the ice caps having only recently relinquished their claim on the main continent. With such a clean slate to work with the settlers spread out across the planet covering it with a network of farms and small settlements.
Ever since the founding of the Imperium its seasons have passed with little change. House Majors come and go at the whim of the CHOAM directorate that controls the rights to the planet. House Karasu is the longest lasting of these, always seeming to have enough votes to sway the position of the board in it’s favour, even when others were certain they had the upper hand.

Small towns form the centres of vast fields which constantly funnel their produce to the few cities which process, package and ultimately ship it off-world. For those in the towns there is two options; to remain and tend the fields or sign up for service elsewhere. Most who sign up will never return, but enough do so to feed the desire of the next generation. Such desire is helped by the unique tontine system of enlistment that is practiced on Magor. The wages of all in a company are pooled beyond what is needed to live. At the end of the 20 years of service the pot is split between the survivors. For those who have fought through the most intensive campaigns the wealth can be astounding. Though few realise just how little this allows House Karasu to actually pay them…

Magor is a largely temperate planet with large plains covering much of the single continent that stretches around the equatorial band. Whilst numerous islands inhabit the Northern & Southern oceans few are occupied and even fewer given much concern by House Karasu.
Thick ice caps cover the poles and are slowly retreating, threatening to release their immense reserves of frozen water and inundate the coastal regions.

Points of Interest
The capital city and largest metropolis on Magor by some margin is Carden Spaceport. Bustling at all times of day it is the perfect place to come and go undetected making it a favourite transfer point for all sorts of illicit cargos moving through the Guild channels. House Karasu largely ignores such transactions as long as they don’t remain on-planet for long.
Mount Idrassin is the tallest mountain on the planet, though not impressive by many worlds standards. Many monasteries & seminaries dot it’s flanks, their occupants elevated above the common folk both literally and spiritually.
Few know of the existence of the Nest Bunker. It is buried beneath the Cardan Spaceport and it’s many passages exit throughout the city. From within the spymasters of House Karasu control their web of agents. To Fly the Nest means that an agent has passed their training and is considered competent enough to be sent on missions.