Home grown Houses!

Please share your home grown houses, great, major, or minor, for players or as adversaries. Maybe we can give each other rivals!
I will start:
House Major Kazimirez
Founded in 5985 by Shaddam III from ennobled Bashar Ganjik Kazimerez.
Homeworld is Gamma Leptoris 4 “Seralunga”
Class V
Produces: High-speed Ornithopters, Septa-silk textiles, Tourism, Elderflower spirits, Waki duelists.
Holdings: Mineral and Ice Mining rights for the Hai-feng belt, CHOAM Directorship (tied to House in perpetuity) Kazimirez Waki Dueling Academy, Seralunga Thopter Works,
Known Enemies: Harkonnen, Tlielaxu, Polson, Rehadu (War of Assassins)
Known Allies: Corrino (waning) Atriedes (ascending) McDonald (steady)
Human Rights stand: Slavery is forbidden as are all forms of torture.

With all the hype about people running the game and cheerleading for the rules, I would have thought at least two people had created houses, as they seem to be required in the game.
But clearly there is some disconnect here, as if so many people are wild about the game and the rules and want to fight over them, how are they running games without houses? Pregens or stuff already created by the developers?

It is more because we already had a thread for Houses where a few of us posted up what we had created.

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I will check it out.

This is the house created by my players for the game I’m running.

House Tethys
House Type: House Minor
House Domains:
Major: Farming (Machinery) - Major Domain. House Tethys produces aquatic harvesters for use on Vissus and other oceanic worlds. These harvesters are built for rugged conditions, as they are used by House Tethys itself to obtain food in the harshest conditions.
Minor: Military (Workers) - Secondary Domain - House Tethys trains soldiers that specialize in deep pressure environments. These elite aquatic forces are trained ostensibly to protect harvesting operations, but have seen use in various ‘wet work’ situations.

Homeworld : Vissus: We live on a tropical, humid, and wet planet. It is largely covered by deep ocean and has many broken island chains. There are harsh storms and massive waves that come in twice a year. Most of the people live in massive megacities that protect from the harsh weather. Farming happens during the misty seasons. Crime is common on the planet, with smuggling being very popular.
Our House was assigned to the oceans and islands, rather than the major continents of the world. We made do with island chains and we manufacture important harvesters that are used all over the world. We are lenient on smuggling and minor theft, but violent crime is harshly punished, and we either fine or execute criminals. We treat our peasantry very well because of the harsh environment and invest a large amount of our money into them.

Sigil: Terrifying anglersquid holding a nasty spear. Blue, Black
House Traits: Slippery

Notable Landmarks:

Paradise Island (Converted Volcano)
The Reef - Underwater Palace It acts as the seat of power for House Tethys.
Nightwater - one of the mega-metropolis cities on Tethys, made distinct by being a floating seastead.

Notable Subjects:
Crayj Abraya (boat people) - A largely autonomous nomadic people who trawl the coasts trading, fishing and smuggling.

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Has anyone figured out how to make a fremen group as a house?

Not specifically, but it is pretty easy to modify the House rules.

House Type
Nascent → Outpost Sietch
Minor → Established Sietch
Major → Significant Sietch

You need to do a bit more work here to modify the domains but I would suggest the following:

  • Diplomatic
  • Ecology
  • Farming
  • Razzia (Military)
  • Science
  • Scouting
  • Spice Mining

You could go into the details of the expertise as well if you wanted finer details.

The Homeworld will always be Arrakis but you could define the area of Arrakis (the Deep Desert, near the Shield Wall, near off-world mining operations, etc)

So as an Example:

Sietch Tabr
Significant Sietch

Primary Domain: Razzia
Secondary Domains: Diplomatic & Scouting

Sietch Tabr is in the Northern latitudes, where the Funeral Plain reaches the edge of the Shield Wall. Far enough away from the main spice mining regions to avoid attention by the House Majors but close enough that it can keep an eye on movements and launch a raid if a target presents itself.
As Naib of Sietch Tabr Stilgar is recognised by Liet-Kynes as a sworn brother and trusted with some of his more important missions. Such as negotiating with the incoming House Atreides and later rescuing the House heir.


Nicely done @CountThalim, will be using that for my Foundry project if you don’t mind.

Be my guest.

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This is good. Exactly what I was looking for as a idea for the House rules and Fremen. Thanks for the seed!

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