House Jah Keved

My group of players created their house and characters, I’m posting the material we made for those who are interested to use it in in their games.

In brief, House Jah Keved is a nascent house and share their homeworld Plehmet with two other nascent houses, House Sindri (I’ve used the House created by Count Thalim, much appreciated, thanks!) and House Ylade. They’re all three under the authority of major House Me’Hovadeh (and for that one I used a house from the free rpg Imperium), an obscure, traditionalist and very religious House that lacks prestige and influence in the Landsraad. House Me’Hovadeh was very lax when handling the fiefs of the players’ homeworld and allowed a tense situation to occur; they would like to regain a bit of control by increasing their religious presence in the houses’ territories.

The “Rapport d’informations Jah Keved” file attached contains information provided to the players, it gives them an overview of the situation of their house and directly linked houses. It’s in french but you can most probably exploit it quickly with a translator.

You’ll find attached the characters’ sheets too (english) and their backgrounds (french, but also probably exploitable with a translator).

Please reach out if you need help with translating the texts - although you’ll surely adapt to your needs.

Note: I have the .gif of the homeworld Plehmet (to see it as a rotating globe) but cannot put it here as it’s too big. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to have it, we’ll figure something out.

Here’s the House sheet:

House Jah Keved

Homeworld: Plehmet
House type: Nascent
Traits: Reliable, accurate

2nd: Politics / Information (produce)

Ruler: Serdar Jah Keved
Consort: Salomé
Heir: Hashal Jah Keved
Advisor: Ehmud Zha
Chief physician: Renaldun Levno
Councillor: Syzil M’lembo
Envoy: Morcad Jah Keved
Marshall: Mered Okvil
Scholar: Talenel Ol Htle
Spymaster: Guylkan Ahmad
Swordmaster: Telmud Prhan
Treasurer: Reza Yev Fereni
Warmaster: Heszh Tlevil

No ennemies (yet)

Rapport d’informations Jah Keved.pdf (280.8 KB)
Characters sheets.pdf (36.7 KB)
Characters backgrounds.pdf (67.9 KB)


Sounds like an interesting setup with a weakened House Major and several ambitious Nascent Houses.

I’m always happy to see my random ideas used elsewhere :relaxed: and I’m going to incorporate the Plehmet mountains into my current game. :+1:

You’ll have to keep us updated on how the game goes.

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Yes, it’s absolutely fantastic to gather the work and ideas of the community to nourish the universe we develop - especially as there currently is no supplement published. So thanks to all the people who share.

We started by the House weekly council, where different status were given by dignitaries or officials of some importance. The players are informed that the major house wants to extend their religious offices to the whole planet, in a clumsy attempt to reinstate a bit of control on the planet. They get to express their views on the matter and guide what their leader will decide. This is just an introduction, to set the mood, and hopefully give them a taste of their house situation; it could initiate some architect play should they want to, but I’ll then switch to Harvesters of Dune, as it’ll allow us to get familiar with the system and bring some adventure.

I’m attaching the transcript of the introduction of the game to that post; we play on Slack, not live, hence all the texts - again it’s written in french but a translator should get most of it right.

Intro House Jah Keved adv1.pdf (37.3 KB)

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