Favourite Parts

So, by way of starting conversation, and so we know we have all our bases covered, what is your favourite aspect of Dune?
What might you most be looking forward to playing or doing in the Imperium?

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I’d like to see proper consideration given to the Intrigue aspect of Dune. I’d leave the Kwisatz Haderach aspect as being strictly a background item, untouchable for players.

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The actions between the Houses of the Landsraad. Predominantly the intrigue but also the other methods they fight each other. The almost ritual aspect to fights and kanly.
The setting of Dune is thousands of years of precedent where doing things differently, while often effective, must not be obvious.

I would like to see some of the non-House factions (Bene Gesserit, Bene Tleilaxu) as present but definitely as additional to the Houses themselves.

For the games I will be running they will largely be about ‘solving problems’ for the house in a deniable manner.
So the seneschal would say that the house is vexed by such an issue and it is up to the players to resolve matters with plenty of leeway.

I would avoid Dune as a major location, personally. Possibly as somewhere my players visit, but I wouldn’t want them caught up in the book itself as I feel it restricts their agency.
So information about Geidi Prime and Caladan would be more welcome.

… So many things I want from this. :sweat_smile:


I would, too. I’d also love to see them both fleshed out based on what we see of their inner workings in the later novels (especially Heretics & Chapterhouse) even if the game doesn’t otherwise address that era at all.

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Dune Intrigue done well, please.

from what i’m reading (Late on the band wagon) from the infinity rules I have high hopes

You’ll all be glad to know we have emphasised Intrigue, and from that list so far I think you are going to be pleased. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where is the main draw from the books going to be?

I know that Dune will obviously be the primary source, but how much will come from the later books and the prequels.

The House books (Atreides, Harkonnen, etc) and the Butlerian Jihad series had a lot of ‘world’ information in them but also were very different books to the original.
And the books after Children of Dune also diverged massively in style (though I assume that will not be an initial focus if at all)

Frank Herbert’s work is the main source, but we are drawing from all the novels where necessary. I can’t say much more than that at the moment, but we have a very full range of material to draw from.


Is the game going to draw from novels, tv series, original film or the newer one for artwork or non of the above

I can understand that.

In which case can I make a pleading case for the Ginaz swordmaster training that Duncan Idaho goes through from the House books.
I didn’t think too much of the prequels but that section really struck me as perfect.

When I ran Dune I marked up the pages and handed it to the player who was running a swordmaster and told them to read it to understand what their character went through.

[quote=“Andy-Modiphius, post:1, topic:10179, full:true”]what is your favourite aspect of Dune?
What might you most be looking forward to playing or doing in the Imperium?[/quote]

My favourite aspect of Dune is how intertwined all the major powers of the Imperium were together.

From the Padshah Emperor - Landsraad - Bene Gesserit - Spacing Guild - Chaom - Bene Tleilax etc.

The attention to detail & lore for each faction balanced at times together & and times at odds with one another.

Every power play creating a ripple effect upon the rest of the major powers & then the ensuing repercussions from said power play.

It is this interweaving of politics, cultures, trade, warfare, personal ambitions, plans within plans; that made Dune such an exciting read.

As to what I would most like doing in the Imperium is to GM for my players a close approximation of all my favourite aspects of Dune as mentioned above.

With the player as “powers behind the throne” of their own created minor or major House.

To bring to life the very Imperium itself for the players to manoeuvre for themselves the fortunes of their House.

Really looking forward to what you good folks at Modiphius create for us.

Appreciate you all taking on this awesome setting and have it see the light of day.

Cheers to all involved. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

The Ginaz are a tough one to add.
In game terms you get sent out for a 6 year downtime and either come back a lethal combatant with any form of close weapon or don’t come back at all. Its a little like saving up all your XP and spending a campaign’s worth of it between adventures. :slight_smile:

We’ve been working to make sure the game covers politics and intrigue as much as combat.
Like in Vampire the Masquerade politics is hard to add from our end as it needs to be so specific to each campaign.
But we’ll certainly be giving you the tools to do so in your games.

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Very happy to hear that we will be given tools to create immersive politics & intrigue.

I am already prepping campaign notes for my gaming group. Then getting to drop my players into 2d20 Dune. Already getting excited goosebumps.

Just want to share, been GMing for over three decades and some how with this anticipation, I feel like a happy little kid waiting for the candy store to open.

Keep up the good works indeed. 2d20 has taken over as my favourite rpg system, thanks to Modiphius Conan & Star Trek.

Wishing all involved my heartfelt appreciation in the creation of this newest rpg iteration of Dune.

Especially the 11 year old that read Dune for the first time, which totally blew him away. He even kept re-reading it into his later years. So my inner child says thank you too.

I am virtually cheering each & every one of you on.

Cheers to you all. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I can understand that. It is a similar thing with Mentats I guess. You spend most of your youth and teenage years being molded into a human computer.

I can still use the descriptions from the book to indicate the sort of training that swordmasters go through if any of my players want to go down that route.

Though with the current restrictions I’m not sure that distance learning would have quite the same impact… :rofl:


I’m probably not giving anything away to say Mentats will be a player character option.
As most characters begin play as adults their training is already complete for the most part.
Ginaz are tricky as you have to be a skilled swordmaster to get sent for training, meaning it happens during play.
So it becomes more of an advanced option for more experienced characters. Although that is not to say we aren’t allowing masters of the blade or that Ginaz are off the table. They just take a bit more work. :slight_smile:

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Discussing the upcoming beta something that came to mind was a divided loyalty mechanic, a la Dr. Yueh.

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Favorite aspect? It blends action and politics. Both large scope and small scope.

My initial introduction to the setting was the boardgame (including the Ixians, Spice Harvest, and Duel expansions); after that, I saw the movie, then the novels 1-6. Much later, the prequels, the miniseries, and the conclusion of the main arc in Hunters and Sandworms.

I’ve recently played two games of the rerelease boardgame, and it evokes the same love that the old edition did. I like the new bits better.

So, what I’m hoping for is the ability to blend character scale and large scale actions, and excellent political actions.

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