Content speculation: Factions

I like to speculate, so what could the Dune RPG possibly contain? I think we are on the right track assuming the setting will be that of the “main book”.

So, factions. I think these are a given:

  • House Atreides
  • House Harkonnen
  • House Corrino
  • Fremen
  • Neutral (Merchants, Smugglers etc.)

These might appear:

  • Bene Gesserit
  • Order of Mentats
  • other smaller houses like House Fenrig

These most likely won’t be playable due to various reasons:

  • Guild of Navigators (probably not)
  • Bene Tleilaxu (probably not)

There were other detailed Houses in Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium:

House Moritani
House Tseida
House Wallach

Mentats are a training rather than a political group, and have allegiences to different Houses.

Yes, you are right about the Mentats. It will probably come up as a Career choice.

Same could go for Bene Gesserit. You can either become a full-fledged Sister, or be trained by them (like Irulan and Jessica).

I actually forgot about the Swordmasters. That might however also be more of a Career or Education instead of a faction on its own.

I’m just presenting how Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium did it before.

The characters were all members of a Minor House (about 30 listed), but these were under the patronage of one of the Major Houses as identified above (and detailed in their presentation). Characters formed an entourage of a House

Adept (Bene Gesserit)
House Assassin
Suk Doctor

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Oh, I hope that won’t be the case. Sounds an awful lot like Dark Heresy, where you play an entourage of a mixed bunch of individuals. Really didn’t give it any flexibility.

Not sure how you mean. The Dark Heresy model had you playing a retinue of an Inquisitor. The model I’m trying to explain above is where you play a Noble family alongside the various entourage support.

There is flexibility to a degree, but to make it more flexible they could take an idea from Ars Magica and apply troupe-style. This is where you have multiple characters of different station, all associated within the same House, but can pick and choose the characters based on their level of responsibility afforded for any given scenario. So, in some adventures, you may all play House strategists and leaders, in others you may play footsoldiers carrying out a specific mission.

Ars Magica style? That would be pretty cool. Some of the top down mechanics that addressed the state of covens would be interesting applied to houses/lines as well.

There is also House Ordos from Dune 2000, even if its not canonical. Variety is the spice of life:)

Given that they implemented a minor cast mechanic in STA, I kind of expect it to be used if the factions are handled similarly to LUG-Dune.

I expect the factions to include…
Houses Atreides, Harkonen, Corrino, Moritani, Ix, Richess
The Spacing Guild
The Smugglers
CHOAM (as a collective, and not PC’s)
The Bene Gesserit
The Bene Tleilax
The Guinaz and Suk Schools (probably not as player factions, but definitely factions due to negotiations for admittance)
The Fremen
PC created houses

If they go the Jyhad route (as in the Burning Wheel Revised supplement, which emulates Dune during Leto II’s Crusade/Jihad)… Add Fish Speakers and split Fremen into Wild, Jihadi, and City.