Blog Collation Post part II

Looks like I may have run out of message space in the last version so time for a part 2!

Part 1 can still be found here:
Blog Collation Post #1

Blog 17 - Faction Characters - Suk Doctors

Blog 16 - Faction Characters- Mentats

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Blog #19 ‐ Changing the Outcome.
A brief guide on how to decide the result of a conflict.

Blog #18 ‐ Agents and Architects.
Bit of a strange one as I can’t find blog #18… Edit: Numbers updated on the website so they are back in order again.

Ah, for various reasons the blog listings when I write them are a number ahead and quite fairly our web team took that number. So you’ve not missed one. :slight_smile:

The latest blog is on Traits and Assets in Dune

I managed to miss this last one by Andy on Duelling.
In it Andy walks us through Pauls duel with Feyd-Rautha at the end of the novel as if it was a player vs a Major NPC.

Yup. There were a lot of calls for an example of combat so this seems a good one to pick. :slight_smile:

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Modiphius talks about how Agents of Dune came about, some of the missteps along the way (coating the box with powdered cinnamon was considered for the smell) and why Andy really needed to learn to not let secrets out too early. :rofl:

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