Blog Collation Post part II

Looks like I may have run out of message space in the last version so time for a part 2!

Part 1 can still be found here:
Blog Collation Post #1

Blog 17 - Faction Characters - Suk Doctors

Blog 16 - Faction Characters- Mentats

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Blog #19 ‐ Changing the Outcome.
A brief guide on how to decide the result of a conflict.

Blog #18 ‐ Agents and Architects.
Bit of a strange one as I can’t find blog #18… Edit: Numbers updated on the website so they are back in order again.

Ah, for various reasons the blog listings when I write them are a number ahead and quite fairly our web team took that number. So you’ve not missed one. :slight_smile:

The latest blog is on Traits and Assets in Dune

I managed to miss this last one by Andy on Duelling.
In it Andy walks us through Pauls duel with Feyd-Rautha at the end of the novel as if it was a player vs a Major NPC.

Yup. There were a lot of calls for an example of combat so this seems a good one to pick. :slight_smile:

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