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Another Dune 2d20 Summary

Here is a Dune 2d20 Summary based of the preview. Keep in mind I am new to 2d20 games so I may have completely botched something here. A special thank you to Batro who inspired me to create this after seeing his excellent summary.

Dune 2d20 Preview Summary.pdf (318.6 KB)

Feedback is always welcome

Edit: Minor corrections 03-24-21


This is amazing. Thank you. On the first sheet, under Scenes and Traits, you forgot the ā€œIā€ in Impossible. Quick fix on an awesome quick sheet. Again, thank you.

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Keen eyes and thank you - I will correct.

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I just wanted to say thanks for this. Iā€™m still trying to figure out all of the different 2d20 systems and this is great for me to get a handle on the Dune game.

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