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Introduction Gift to 2d20

I am looking to gift a 2d20 RPG Core book to a good friend of mine. I would obviously want it to be Dune but that will have to wait. What would everyone recommend for a solid 2d20 book.

He is into Sci, Fantasy and just about all the genres in between. I am also looking to let him see the more recent version of the 2d20 game’s flexible nature. He has been known to take D&D Dragons and make spaceships in Sci-Fantasty as well as use Sci-Fi robots for golems so creativity is not an issue.

Thank you for your recommendations.

The books I have are Conan, John Carter and Star Trek.

Based on the play test/QuickStart of Dune, I feel like John Carter is the closest to what Dune will feel/play like, so I’d go with that.

Thanks I was checking out John Carter, quick question what are the d6’s for. I really like that Dune is just d20’s.

I have Infinity and Star Trek, both are good.

Looking forward to Dune, Fallout and Actung! Cthulhu

Star Trek is always a good one due to the instant recognition you get from it. Plus there is a lot of stuff out there for it, both Modiphius and prior versions.

Infinity is probably too crunchy if you are looking to bring him in new to 2d20.

Of the existing and available 2d20 games, I’d recommend Star Trek. Generally more recognizable than the others and easy to play.

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D6 are usually damage dice. You need to read these dice a bit differently:
Roll Result
1-2 -> 1 or 2 damage
3-4 -> nothing
5-6 -> 1 damage and an effect (if the weapon has a relevant quality)

Note: different 2D20 games may use different combat dice.

I’d second that. While Dune doesn’t use the challenge dice I found it gave me a firm basis to get to grips with Dune.
(I also love Star Trek, so there is that too :slight_smile: )

I would recommend Star Trek Adventures, too.

It is similar to the more simplified and coarse-grained version of the 2d20 system that is used in Dune.

Infinity and Mutant Chronicles are much more fine-grained and have a lot of “gear fetish” stuff going on, very different to STA or Dune. Conan is somewhat mid-grained, a bit easier than Infinity, but not by much.

So STA or - if you like the setting - maybe Dishonored might be a better gift to get acquainted with the 2d20 system.

Thank you everyone for the recommendations and explanations. Back to building my time machine so I can go get Dune RPG and bring it back!

I have been reading the Star Trek Adventures Quickstart and after I run Dune I may use STA for blending in some rules.