New GM/ST d10 vs 2d20

I recently started running a WoD Vampire the Masquerade game which uses whitewolf’s d10 system.

I am still learning that system but were having fun with it. Now that I have ran across Dune I have got to get it hands down Dune is one of my favorite Sci Fi IP’s ever.

The rub, I have not “mastered” the d10 system from Vampire I fee like I am competent with notes and the core book to search but we I can manage a session. How hard or how confusing would it be to bounce back and forth between the 2d20? From what I have read so far it seems it scales form rather simple to possibly pretty complex depending on the game and setup.

Other than that hello and I have been reading through the other posts and Cant wait to get my hands on the core book!

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Welcome to madness.

At it’s core 2d20 is pretty straightforward. The complications come when you start using the non-skirmish options as it is a shift in mentality for players to not play their specific character in a scene.
If you start off with Skirmish combat it is pretty easy and you can build up to the Architect and Duel conflicts as you are more comfortable.

As for switching back and forth… I run Dune on Sundays, play Iron Kingdoms on Tuesday and Edge of Midnight on Wednesdays without any major issues. But I’m used to playing lots of different games and systems.
Given that d10 (is it still the Storyteller system?) and 2d10 use totally different dice types I think you will find that you won’t have too many issues. You would struggle more if both systems used similar dice or you were running variants of the 2d20 system at the same time.

Thanks for the reply, I am not certain if they refer to it as the storyteller system however in WoD Vampire games the GM is the storyteller so maybe?

As I said I have only been at it for about a year.

Glad to hear what I was hoping confirmed that 2d20 and the WW d10 there wouldn’t be much overlapping.

I am really eyeballing the Roll20 but since from what I am used to now there are no maps used. Does Dune make use of maps like DnD or is it somewhere in between?

It makes use of zones. These could be a map but it doesn’t have to be.

Zones are very flexible, it could be a small as your left & right hands and body if running a duel all the way up to sections of a city for Espionage/Warfare. (If you look at my thread on Espionage/Warfare conflict you can see the map I used)

For most skirmishes zones will be a series of rooms or similar. If you are in the same zone you can engage in melee, if you are further away you have to rely on Ranged weapons or psychological attacks.

Perfect I will try to keep further questions to a minimum until I get my hands on the core.