Desertfall / Kernels of Doubt Advices for GM

Hello guys, I have already asked in Discord and Reddit but maybe I have some good luck here. :slight_smile:

I will play Desertfall or Kernels of Doubt Campaign soon. I guess i will choose Desertfall but im Happy if you have advices for a Gamemaster to run a campaign for any of those 2 Scenarios. If you have any advices in general, or story telling advices and so on, feel free to tell me. :slight_smile: Thank you very much - im Looking forward!

Im also a fan of puzzles / riddles - are there any cool dune puzzles you guys have used in a campaign?

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Desertfall is probably the better of the two for a first adventure.
But Kernels is a great political adventure.
So it really depends if you are planning to set your game on Arrakis or across the Imperium.
Desertfall does have a few ‘sidequests’ that have been popular. So there are a fair few threads the PCs might pull on (like the Harkonnen agent in the market) if you want to take a deep dive into the adventure.

Mari Tokuda, one of our writing team is a big fan of puzzles and she did a blog for us on that very subject:
DUNE #8 - Puzzles for Players (

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Thank you very much. I guess I will try Desertfall then. I do really like Kernels thats why I was / still am really unsure.
Desertfall its hard for me to play the Servant Interview thing right and make it appealing, threatening and so on.

For kernels i think there is so much to do it will become a long long Adventure. So its a lot of work as well.

For Desertfall, you’ll notice it specifically says ‘don’t turn it into a stream of interviews’ :slight_smile:
Plenty of players will want to drag them each into a room and interrogate them, and they can. But doing so means none of the servants will be very forthcoming. If they get treated like criminals they’ll not answer anything they don’t have to and you can add a trait ‘Unhelpful servants’ for all further interactions.

What the PCs should do is chat informally to them and follow a few about to see what they do. Sooner or later they will see who is sneaking about to meet a lover or visit the gambling den etc.

If you are more comfortable with Kernals, no reason not to start with that one though. The only issue is that if your players are new to Dune, politics may be a bit of a learning curve. But the GM can help them out with options for what is legal/expected of them.

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