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I’ve recently discovered the Dune RPG through FREE RPG Day this month. I was immediately intrigued and jumped right in to acquire the core book, GM pack and players book. I’ll pre-order Sand & Dust with my next paycheck. While I’ve run the pre-gen game from FREE RPG Day, I’ve not had the time to read more than the first half of the core book. Knowing the rpg is new, can someone save me time and tell me where to find other prepared games to run? Has anyone written some games they are willing to share?

Sounds like you ran “Wormsign” adventure? You’ll come upon “Harvesters Of Dune” adventure as you keep reading through the RPG. Also the GM toolkit has amazing materials for rolling to pre-generate adventure ideas. I haven’t seen any fan-fic or official published adventures out yet besides those 2, there might be some out, or definitely some coming. There is a thread on this forum called “Dune one-off concepts” that has a lot of ideas. I think the soonest, complete and ready-to-play, official published adventure text for you is Harvesters. I’ve ran Harvesters 3 times so far (3 groups), my co-GM is prepping to run Wormsign for the same pool of PC’s.

There will also be Desertfall being released soon in PDF, which was the pre-order adventure.
A bit further out there is Agents of Dune (formerly Heirs of Dune) which will be the starter pack with a 3/4 act adventure, pre-gens and a lead in to the various mechanics and conflicts.

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a quick adventure idea I just GMed :
your House is on Arrakis between the time where Duncan lands and the Duc arrives. A time of uncertainty and opportunities. Rumour has it that an important servant of the Harkonnen escaped a fatal future. In truth, this person was in charge of planting booby-trap in the future Atreides residence and has fled befor beeing killed by the Harkonnen.
Your informant feels that finding such a person could be an Asset to build a good relation with the Harkonnen (if giving the person away) or the Atréides (giving him to them). Two big possibilities :

  • you want to make it a city search and intrigue, where places as the market, back-alleys and such are to be searched, avoiding Harkonnen soldiers in disguise, meeting with water merchand and smugglers to find him
  • or a desert intrigue with a quick info from someone brings you to a sietch, fremen and worm :smiley: