New campaign with a fresh DM

I’m new to DMing but love the Dune universe. Lucky enough my gaming group also love it and wanted to try the RPG. Read the core book, picked up the extras, and gave it a try. Started with Wormsign to get the group started. Year is 9795 A.G. House McGoldheratti (combo of the players last names) was created. A minor house on the verge of a major that specializes in machineries and assassins (kanly). Players were able to pick up and stumble through Wormsign. Lots of laugher and good times. I do like that this RPG is very open and narrative driver letting me improv when needed, well a lot needed with the group not going according to the Wormsign playbook.

Decided to move to Blood and Riches to get them off of Arrakis and try other parts of the Imperium. Very fun trying to get them inline with the event of the adventure and push them in the right direction. They spent a good hour trying to plan out how they will get two houses to come together so has to play nice and include at least some of their planning. Overall was able to stay on track and they were successful. This will now lead into Master of Dune campaign as the player did so well in Blood and Riches that the Emperor is granting them fief over Arrakis.

Planning the next adventure to kick off Master of Dune but keep getting side track of side stories. The possibilities are endless. Will continue posting as the story unfold. If anyone wants info on what I did in Blood and Riches just gotta ask.


Great to have more GMs in the mix. I found Dune to be what made me click with running games. Different system, but if you love the universe then it is so much easier to find your groove.

Players and plots are very much a tangential thing. Sometimes they will meet, most times the players are off doing their own thing and writing a new plotline as they do so. :laughing: Running with it is often your best choice.

Keep us up updated on how it goes. I love hearing about how other games have gone. And feel free to ask any questions.

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More Dune is always needed and welcome.

Tell us of any clever strategies your players managed that surprised you.