Masters of Dune and Agents of Dune

Hey there so I just bought Masters of Dune and was wondering how essential is Agents of Dune when it comes to the campaign or story arcs etc. I own the Dune core book and honestly have no interest in the box set so yeah, was curious.

PS I can’t wait, but will have to of course, for the Powers and Pawns and the Great Houses books. Oh man when they will be available in physical, and actually be shipped and stuff as I have had bad luck with the store, its going to be so great!

Simply put, It’s not.
Agents introduces the characters and builds up to them taking over the House and Arrakis, but nothing that is essential to running the scenarios in Masters of Dune.
I’ve used elements in Masters for my campaign, which has absolutely nothing to do with Agents.
All the key plots have the reason behind them explained in Masters.

For Powers & Pawns to be physically in the stores you are probably loking at mid June at the earliest. Maybe a touch later depending on how the preorder distribution goes,

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Thanks for the info. Honestly its just frustrating as I have zero interest in the box set when I have the actual Core and so the constant reference to Agents of Dune in the Masters of Dune book annoys me. That said I’m glad its just the intro stuff and not something that makes the rest of the book somewhat useless.

My copy of Masters of Dune just arrived and so now I go to read through it. hehe

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Agents is a good way to start the campaign, especially if your players are new to Dune,
but you can dive straight in with Masters if you prefer.