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Does anyone have city maps?

I am trying to see if anyone has a map of the major cities of Barsoom like Greater & lesser Helium, Zodanga, etc. I haven’t been able to find any online that suit the Martian environment. If anyone has one let me know!

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Sadly, I have never seen anything like this. :frowning: The closest I’ve seen so far is the Korad map that Modiphius sells, but it’s only a small fraction of a city. I know that in the 1970’s Jim Ward did a “ruins of Barsoom” article in Dragon magazine whereby you could generate some random buildings – I remember it as being a pretty good article but it’s been a while since I looked at it. Funny how there are so many maps of the planet but no maps of cities. Hmmm.

The maps you are looking for are in the Prince of Helium Era Supplemental Rulebook.

Is that product out yet? I don’t remember seeing it on the store’s webpage.

Backers getting em right now

hi there!

We do have maps for Helium and Zodanga available in the Prince of Helium Supplement, as well as a ruined palace floor plan, and all 3 have narrators secrets for the location included as well!

The supplement books are available in retail as of this month, with the Prince of Helium book releasing sometime in February!

Hope this helps!

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