Map of Nedresita

Hi all, I have the PDF of the GM and Players guides. Beautifully put together game.
In planning the initial campaign set in New Mossgrove (the initial and most detailed location), which is apparently within the district of Regis-Kasteel, I cannot find this region or its associated geographical landmarks (rivers, names of specific features etc) within the map of the Nedresita continent. Any ideas?

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No ideas as of yet because I don’t have the guides yet, but I will say reading your post has made me even more interested in this IP. I love Modiphius’s original IPs and this one seems super engaging

I too have scoured the books trying to find out. My assumption is that it’s purposefully not detailed to leave it up to the GM.

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I must say it is probably the best iteration of the 2d20 system I have come across- if you like low/less crunch. Also, the best laid out explanation of the system compared with other IP books. The setting is also stellar: a hard sci-fi post-apocalyptic hope-punk, with a fantasy flair (but under the hood it’s all te sci-fi, which is super cool). A setting should allow you tell a great story and Dreams and Machines does. Very much recommend it.


I suppose by now you’ve already found it, but in case not, the map is on p. 34 of the Gamemaster’s Guide.

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