Lands beyond Germania?

I see plenty of references to Germania and the “frontier town of Laurium”, and I would presume Roman Britain will be discussed. Any plans to extend the known geography beyond these places?

We’re most interested (and already homebrewing) campaigns to the east–port towns on the Adriatic Coast and further into Illyria where the hills rise wild in the Dinaric Alps. Perhaps the pseudoarchaeological theories in our contemporaneous era about the pyramid there are just a modern cover for what happened in the region two millennia ago…? Maybe that’s a place the Ahnenerbe searched for during their war because of ancient Roman texts they possessed?

Just curious about expanding the Cohors world beyond the seemingly standard areas that have been well-trodden enough for Rome to build roads to. :sunglasses:


At Dragonmeet Chris talked about a range of regional sourcebooks.
So far we know of:

  • AEgyptus
  • Britannia
  • Syria
  • Rome

I am assuming we may also see Hispania, Illyria & Gaul books as well to cover the main regions that the Roman Empire occupied, but those wern’t mentioned directly.


I think the sweet spot is places you are familiar with, do that you don’t have to make too much up and the mythos elements will stand out as a contrast to the ‘normal’ history that you’ll have some familiarity with as a player. If you push that too far then you lose that value.
But I imagine they’ll publish what well buy…