Single Locations or Ranging games

Normally my campaigns tend to have a home base and then range over wide areas. Since I tend to run high tech games (STA, Dune, etc) transport isn’t normally a major element.
Roman roads aren’t so good to be able to easily shift around the empire too easily.
With Cohors being a lower tech universe I’m thinking about focussing my campaign in a single location, like Laurium, and not ranging more than a couple of dozen miles from it without it being a major part of the plot.

What are peoples thoughts on how they are thinking about handling the range of their games?
I suppose Mediterranean based games may be able to travel a bit more with the sea lanes, but even then you are talking travel time measured in weeks.

I’m undecided if I want to stick with the default of the Germanic borders or go with Northern Britannia (where I grew up so know a lot of the local Roman ruins) or go with the Eastern Empire (Dacia/Thracia) and so pull in some of the Carpathian geography.

In other games I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the level of attachment between a smaller scale game (in terms of geography) and wider scale ones. The smaller, more local scale really lets players connect to recurring NPCs and locations a lot more than a larger scale one does.