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I think it needed a new post to jump it up into the trafficked part of the forums.

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Yes, some more posts will be helpful.
So, what do you think of this genre-mix of ancient Rome and Cthulhu?


So far I like it.
I’m not normally one for Call of Cthulhu games, I’ve played a few fun ones but it isn’t really my genre.

I find that mixing the Cthulhu mythos into another game works better for me. I can keep the Mythos more in the background, drawing from it as needed while still have the other aspects to play with.
So in this case I can have the decadent Roman Empire vs the unknown barbarian threats to play with, while using the mythos to give another level of conflict. One which may require traditional enemies in the human realm to have to work together to survive.

I’ll want to see what they have done with character creation (mainly backgrounds) and the items such as Atlantean artifacts (Felt too much like Stargate at times) from the playtest.
But that it why I gave feedback on it. It may be I was a minority, but if so there are a few adjustments I can always do to my campaign to cover my preferences.


I really like the way the meshed the mythos with the Nazi focus on the occult, al la Indiana Jones, in A!C. I am not sure how I feel about the ancient Rome setting but I will surely buy the core rules and/or starter set to give it a try.