Expansions, Books and Extras

Since the Kickstarter is well underway I thought we could look to the future and brainstorm what else we want to see in the Cohors Cthulhu line.

We already know we are getting region books so I’ll ignore them for now.

What I want to see is probably along the following lines:

  • Campaign Adventures. Maybe not to Shackleton Expanse level, but at least Masters of Dune. Big multipart adventures I can either run or raid for ideas.
  • An Achtung Cthulhu crossover adventure. I’d see this as almost 2 side by side campaigns. You can run each separately or flip back and forth between them. With options for each to influence the other.
  • A rules set for combing the RPG with the Wargame. This may already be planned as part of it, but I’d like to see something where you could use the wargame for epic sessions of the RPG.
  • Possible expansion of the random plot generator in the core book. I’m not sure how developed this was from the playtest, but I’d like to see more of it.
  • Priority Mission/Mission Briefs. Packs of short 1-2 page adventure seeds with a couple of key points, a location and some NPCs. I find these incredibly useful just to kickstart my session ideas. I’d like to see them in all my RPGs.

What does everyone else think?


Pantheon of the gods book and how they interact with the world. Maybe some heroes like Odysseus, Hercules ETC along with ancient mythical monsters that could be tied to mythos. Included would be how to gain favor of the gods through sacrifice or some rituals to temporarily beef up a character to face a powerful horror.

Rules for ship combat, sailing for waterborne and island adventures.

Possibly magic book focusing on astrological events and conjunctions that cabals and tribes could take advantage of to threaten the world. Thinking ley lines and astrological phenomena mainly Egypt based or druids that allow the Outer Dark entry into the world or if crazy enough, heroes to enter their world.

Siege rules would also be a must as Romans try to defend their forts or take others.

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There are references to Roman antiquity throughout the published A!C scenarios. I’d like to see scenario seeds expanded from these. And, like you say, give options for influence in doth directions of the crossover. History as random-access myth(os).

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I agree that it would be good to get a system that can link RPG level characters into a wargame - effectively a simple sort of skirmish game, perhaps, whereby the players control small units (10 or so troops perhaps?) under command of their characters, vs the referee controlled opposition. The tricky part is getting a quick combat system for the troops that still enables individual casualties to be identified (so that the players know which of their men has taken the hit - the good soldier or the cowardly slacker, for example) which doesn’t leave players sitting around doing nothing, but which also allows charactesr to act individually.

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