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What I would like to see next for the John Carter line

The question was posed on the last kickstarter update, so I’m opening it up for discussion here in hopes of expanding the number of participants.

What do I want to see next from Modiphius John Carter? Well, in no particular order…

First Born & Okaran miniatures sets- the equivalent of the Helium & Zodangan fighting crew sets with a hero, captain, and some flunkies.

More Green men minis! I got 2 Thark warbands and I’m finding it’s not enough. We really need a horde of these things…

Thoat miniatures & miniatures for mounted combat

Custom Momentum, Threat & Luck tokens

A complete index / list of all published talents. Having them all in one place would make life so much easier for the narrator!

I open the floor to further discussion. Be as greedy as you want!


Your list is nice. I’d like to see more battlemaps. The terrain of Barsoom is different enough from most RPG worlds that my maps never look right.

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I would like to see more adventures and campaign books, and sourcebooks to the other ERB settings.


I added a version of the comment below to the Kickstarter update earlier this week but would like to post a revised Christmas List here, reiterating that they are more likely to be realized as fan-based projects than actual in-print resources, which in some ways might be a good thing. For example, Xoraque’s index/list of all published talents is an on-going project my brother and I have been working on [great idea Xoraque ‘great minds’ eh?]. That said I want to acknowledge the hard work of Modiphius developers and that any of the items below (or none–LOL!) might be in the pipe as part of the three supplements that are even now being revised.

Here goes:

A how-to book for “mad” scientists with examples of insane technologies and experiments they can create and perform

An expanded list of core-equipment, weird tech, or ancient treasure available at chargen or as reward or for purchase (the core-equipment list is short-short and MIGHTY powerful)

A guide to new and original, yet clearly ERB-Barsoomian inspired, flora and fauna

Maps of other Martian city-states (including Lesser Helium)

A small monthly Barsoomian bulletin featuring random adventure seeds and rumors, hero/minion/monster/villain profiles, and weird or ancient tech

THE BIG ONE: A Southern Ice Cap and Otz Valley supplement with maps and descriptions of the Valley of Dor, the Therns’ Golden Cliffs stronghold, the Sea of Korus, the Temple of Issus, Valley of Lost Souls’ settlements, the Omean city-state, the hidden Sea and islands, and the four Great pumping stations. This area is so integral to the Carter story, it begs for development.

Cheers and, as always, YBMV!


Hi Sunwolfe!

Just wanted to let you know, mad science and rules for inventions will be a part of the Jeddak of Jeddak’s Era supplement!

Each of the supplement books also contains some new equipment and technology, as well as a ton of plot seeds for narrators!


Sunwolfe does the happy Dance of Barsoom!


I have the Jeddak of Jeddaks preview PDF & I’m quite happy with the mad science & invention rules.


By Issus, Virginia! I am a simpleton :rofl:!
Somehow I overlooked my backer privilege and hadn’t downloaded or looked at the preview copies (thanks for the reminder Xoraque)! I have since rectified that and see now that many of my “Wish List” desires are treated in one of those amazing books. My hands itch to get hold of them.



I’m really glad you’re happy with them! Writing them took me a while, with a lot of back and forth to make sure they felt comprehensive, but not complicated, and fit well with the existing rules. I think overall we managed to get something that works really well! (I did also have a lot of fun writing the example inventions!)

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The previews are complete in their text, so you can start using those rules in your games once you’ve had a chance to look them over! I think the Airship rules written by Jack Norris are some of my favourite new additions, as well as the invention rules (though I think I’m biased there as I wrote them!). Hope you enjoy all the new stuff!


Shocking though this may sound, I want to see a fourth era. An era after the Jeddak of Jeddaks period, when John Carter has grown so strong that he & Dejah Thoris have been fighting betentacled things & skeleton men in the outer solar system. These things are like the Therns were in the Andrew Stanton movie: they’re deadly guardians of a higher power, and are trying to drive a rift between Barsoom and Earth, so obviously, they capture John & Dejah, eventually marooning them on Triton, a moon of Neptune.

Then, when all hope seemed lost, John Carter’s modern great-granddaughter, whose parents were Martians but moved to Earth during the massive civil war that ensued in his absence, goes on a quest to find him…

I’ve had this idea since the RPG beta test, which I took part in, but didn’t bother to share. That was a mistake.

I’d love to see more books describing various locations / factions on Mars (sorry: BARSOOM). Ready to play adventures are always welcome, although I’m also happy writing my own. Art books would be awesome for helping to bring my own adventures to life for my players. A collection of ready-to-play NPCs are useful for when players wander off the page and I need some people for them to interact with. And so on…

I second the request for miniatures for First Born and Okaran warband and for Thoats and mounted warriors. These and any civilian (scientist, slaves, etc.) and Thern miniatures would be an instant-buy for me.
I would also love to see an epic campaign that would take the players halfway across the martian globe. Lack of time is my biggest enemy and published adventures solve that problem, especially longer campaigns that would otherwise take me ages to plan.


I’d like to see an adventure/campaign that completes “Skeleton Men of Jupiter”, the last John Carter story ERB wrote, that focuses on how he stops the Morgor invasion of Helium and Barsoom after he reunited with his princess, Dejah Thoris. And the minis to tell it with, of course.

I also think it would be cool if Modiphius could do promotional minis to tie into the new canonical stories to be released next year. Perhaps miniatures of Jason Gridley, Victory Harben, or even ERB himself would be in order to help celebrate the new adventures.

To demonstrate the need for Okaran, Firstborn & Thern miniatures, I’ve mocked up a few for myself. I plan to 3D print some of these on an as-needed basis for my campaign should nothing official become available. From top to bottom we have: Thern Priest, Okaran Rifleman, Okaran Noble, Okaran Huntress, Okaran Gunslinger, Thern Warrior Priest, Thern Warrior Spy, Thern Priestess, Thern Assassin, First Born Gunslinger, Firstborn Pirate, Thern Swordsman, Okaran Explorer, Firstborn Cutthroat, Firstborn Captain, Firstborn Lady,Firstborn Sniper, and Okaran Swordswoman. t125838_u1087070 t155957_u1087070 t162423_u1087070 t165235_u1087070 t173324_u1087070 t175425_u1087070 t181105_u1087070 t182602_u1087070 t183934_u1087070 t184059_u1087070 t184157_u1087070 t185809_u1087070 t192443_u1087070 t201134_u1087070 t213047_u1087070 t214951_u1087070 t221331_u1087070 t224037_u1087070


Thern,First Born, Okar miniatures. Green & Red Martian Thoat miniatures. Maybe some of the smaller ships. Maybe maps or tiles of modern Barsoomian buildings. City maps or maybe a book dedicated to various cities & areas of Barsoom.


yes I would like to see flyers for the miniature game and the rpg side as to fit the miniature and have them for the miniature game asnd all the other creatures that are in the books love the series and like to see tarzan as well he did visti the mars area once thanks

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I would like a Beginner Box like the one made for star Trek Adventures. It would have a set of pre generated characters, a scenario built to introduce new players to the game rules and Barsoom, and tokens and dice to play with.


That’s a really cool idea. I’d like that too.

I’d like to see more adventures and/or campaign books.

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