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What I would like to see next for the John Carter line

Also, since the ERB Company announced the ERB Universe, maybe some tie-in’s with Carson of Venus, Tarzan, etc.

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Miniatures!! Thoats, more banths and white apes in varying poses, objective markers, large scenic sets, kaldanes, ulsios, red-martians not in battle poses, okar, first born, flyers…

Here some ideas i have in my head for sourcebooks:

  • A ressource about running a martian city, with governence, war, how to secure water and food supplies (the original novel talked about farms outside of the huge cities for example) and so on.

  • A book about the ruins of barsoom like the conan source book about ancient ruins.

However since the world of barsoom is strange and less relatable too then conan, the stories should in my opinion be less open and more on point/less vague (who did build the ruin/why/ what was going on there/why was it left or destroyed/how might it be useful to travelers or rulers of modern barsoom). Meaning with conan i can guess something about the cities and their purpose even if the desciptions are vague because they are earth ruins. With barsoom it would be much more difficult too understand what ruins are about if the description is as vague since there is no early stoneage/eden/atlantean history of barsoom i would know about. So more detail is needed.

  • Last but not least i am dying to know more about the other planets. Knowing that venus has its on books starting with pirates of venus if i remember correctly (which you might not have the license for?), i was thinking why not explore the moons of barsoom more in depth. Also how about jupiter, i think there had been “bonemen” from jupiter mentioned in the books. So who are those freaks coming from the moons of jupiter?

And in that context might space travel be interesting. Yes the genre is sword and planet and not star trek, however in later books i think there was a spaceship going from barsoom to earth and in the luna books of burroughs it did crashland on the moon. So how about the possibility of aliens invading barsoom and barsoom launching space expeditions to its moons or jupiter. That could be part of that ressource book.

What i am not so deeply interested in is the typical bookline “Bestiary, armory, whatever”. Barsoom is far to interesting to deliver those standard books. Bestiary and armory can be part of books talking about cities, ruins or other planets.


Hey !
:slight_smile: I would like to see a short adventure of 32-48 pages. Which brings up relationships, love and a chapter that really plays out romance. Preferably with some maps of different romantic places. Where in later chapters various problems and challenges arise.
:slight_smile: Several short adventures on 32-48 pages, with nice maps in the middle edition. I think a couple of several short adventures with different adventure themes would attract more to john carter rpg.
:slight_smile: A box with a lot of maps of barsoom and descriptive booklets. But also maps of cities (like the ones we got so far :star_struck:), private rooms, airships, secret hiding places and what the forest looks like on barsoom.
:slight_smile: I am eager to see more mergers of ERB worlds from venus, middle earth and the moon with the barsoom World.


Middle Earth? I think you mean Peludicar…

A couple of short adventures like those written for Star Trek would be great.

I also like the idea of a starter box although the rulebook includes some of those features (pregens and one adventure).


Yepp… your right not middle Earth, but peludicar :wink: la la la :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. A beginner’s box would be awesome! :smiley:

I like “broad strokes” settings, so I can fill in blanks and have a lot of flexibility, so I don’t want too much more specific information on Barsoom per se. A lot of the tools already provided, interesting locales, etc. in the core and supplements work beautifully.

I’d like to see other planets given the same broad coverage in a “Solar Gazetteer” encompassing Burroughs’ takes on the moon (the Moon Maid, etc.), Venus (Carson), and Jupiter.

Pellucidar would require its own supplement and could handily cover Earthly explorers and wild men/jungle lords ala Tarzan as well.

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I also like the idea of a starter box although the rulebook includes some of those features (pregens and one adventure).
It should be similiar to the Star Trek Starter Set but with a huge difference. It should include an original adventure and not one you could already get as PDF for free.

A continuation of The Mind Merchants of Mars would also be great.

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I think that starter sets ought to be useful enough to allow for a person to run a mini-campaign with just the box. That means I’d like to see some sort of cardboard cutout minis, a small map or two, and some sort of generic adventure. The rules could be very similar to the quickplay rules already out there (heck, the adventure could be a continuation of that one, too) so maybe not a lot of new writing would have to happen.

There needs to be some nifty little props that help to generate the whole Barsoom vibe to a player who has never experienced it. For example, I’ve found that my GM screen is an excellent source of inspiration as players can see from the artwork the kinds of clothes worn, what some monsters look like, what airships look like, and other visual elements for those not as able to imagine Barsoom without them.