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JCoM Miniatures -- suggestions?

Okay, so I didn’t buy in when it was time for the kickstart, so I don’t have any of the Barsoomian miniatures. I’m thinking of trying to rectify that, but I’d like some suggestions.

If I go with the “Swords of Mars” collection (around $400 USD) I get an assortment of everything, but it also comes complete with PDFs of a bunch of stuff that I already bought so I’m not sure that it’s the best plan for me.

If I pick individual sets of minis I save some money (I think; I haven’t totaled and compared yet) but I risk missing something. The “Swords of Mars” set is a little vague in its listing, saying something about getting every unlocked mini without providing a list.

So what’s my best strategy here?

I don’t think the Swords of Mars set includes Sola, Ras Thavas or Gor Hajus. Whatever you do, get an extra Thark warband set. 5 Tharks does not a horde make!

Yeah, I agree that I would need more than five tharks. Seems like I would need at the minimum two sets of tharks and a set of red martians (probably the Helium set). Plus, I would need a white ape, banth, and a plant man. That’s about $200 already and doesn’t count any individual heroes. My players include several females, so I would need to add in some female models as well so that they would have some player character minis. That’s where I start to get stuck. Over $200 and I’m still in the “bare minimum” stage of collecting.

Both the Helium & Zodangan fighting crew sets come with 2 female figures each

Thanks. I didn’t notice that in the pictures!