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John Carter Miniatures Restock?

Hi Modiphius folks, I see that many of the miniatures for John Carter are already sold out.
Is there a plan to restock in the near future?

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I am curious about this as well. The Plant Men and Synthetic Men have been sold out for a while now. Has there been any word on this? I’d also love to know whether there has been any discussion of creating new figures for the current miniature line.

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Has anyone heard anything regarding restocks… any sort of timeframe? Modiphius has been so proactive communicating about Fallout restocks, I’m really surprised we haven’t heard anything in over a month.

The Plant Men and Synthetic Men have been sold out for months now, and the Heroes of Helium set was never released at all.

Good morning

Check the store over the next few days, or sign up to be notified when it comes back into stock on the pages. the Synthetic and plant men shoud be fine, and the hereos of Helium will be after the kickstarter is fufilled.

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Thanks for the update, Lloyd!

I’ve been checking the store and waiting for an email notification for months. I’m so happy to hear a restock of the Plant and Synthetic men will happen soon!

I know this topic is quite old. But since many of the miniatures are sold out, it might be interesting if those minis are gone for good or will be restocked again.

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In the meantime, JCOM miniatures are pretty easy to find on Etsy and Ebay.