Is JCOM Limited Edition?

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I discovered JCOM a couple months ago after being introduced to Modiphius when I started playing the Fallout Wasteland Warfare skirmish game. I read A Princess of Mars, began reading through the rules and watching the playthrough videos available online. I really love everything I’ve seen so far, but I’m new to tabletop RPGs (and Kickstarter) and a little worried about jumping in so late after the Kickstarter. Since this RPG was produced as a Kickstarter, does that mean that some or even all of the miniatures are limited edition?

I’ve seen references to and photos of a “Heroes of Helium” set that doesn’t appear anywhere in the Modiphius store. I’ve also seen photos of cards and other things that don’t appear to be for sale. In the store the pledge bundle descriptions refer to “all unlocked” (PDFs, miniatures, tiles, dice sets, etc). Presumably some of these were kickstarter incentives, but does that mean that currently sold out Synthetic and Plant Men were also limited edition and will not be restocked? I don’t mind waiting if it’s simply a matter of restocking them, but I’d hate to start collecting if there are no plans to restock these miniatures.

Also, if I did want to purchase one of the pledge bundles, is there a detailed listing of what these “all unlocked” things are? I thought this information might be available on the kickstarter website, but couldn’t find it. For example, does one of the bundles include the metal tokens pictured on the kickstarter? I really appreciate advice on any of this. I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious here.

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The Kickstarter is here, you want to look at the campaign section.:
John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game, via @Kickstarter

The only thing that’s probably going to be KS only is the collectors edition core book. Everything else will be in regular stock in the store. That doesn’t mean we won’t sell out, but they’ll be more made and the store restocked.

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Thanks! I’m really glad to hear the miniatures aren’t limited edition. And I think I’ve figured out which items are the unlocked items.