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Roll20 for John Carter of Mars

Hi All, just wondering when Modphius will release the JCoM’s titles and character sheet for Roll20 and I guess Fantasy Grounds too? Some tokens would be cool too.

I too would love some JCOM character sheets on Roll20

Agreed. A character generator for JCoM could be nice.


I feel like they put out JCOM to die. A character sheet in Roll20 is almost a necessary thing given the state of the world.

Funny how I just asked about roll20 support in the ERB gaming group on Facebook. Yes, I don’t get the impression Modiphius is supporting JCoM anymore, which is a shame. I supported the kickstarter at Dotar Sojat level and certainly would have bought in further… but without a means to run or play JCom on an online platform I can’t make use of what I’ve already invested in.

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Character sheets make it easier for sure, but a few macros for dice rolling and people with their character sheets and it’s good to go. I currently run the Fallout playtest material that way. Roll20 works for the tabletop/maps and everything else we do conventionally.

Do you have any JCOM Macros you can share?

One of my players did macros for skill tests (Choose number of dice, input target number, input the focus)

It’s quite simple
/roll ?{Dice}d20<?{Target}cs<?{Focus}
I have a rollable table to CD results and then a macro to roll on it
Same with Hit Locations

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