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Anyone used JCOM for anything else?

Anyone used JCOM or “the momentum” engine to run something else

I figure its the easiest version of 2d20 to use for other things - almost like FATE accelerated is to FATE.

Good to start my daughter off on - she’s 7 and played a few things but i really like 2d20

I haven’t, but would also like to know about that. Of particular interest to me would be a fan-made 2d20 Lite for some of the various pulp settings never adapted to RPG.

Hullo, Chris,

If I were younger and had the energy to do so, I would definitely use the 2d20 Momentum system from John Carter to run some Babylon 5, U.F.O., Blake’s 7, and even a super-heroes game (though I’ve still got Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes RPG for that).



I’m about to kick off a pulp-fantasy campaign set in Eberron (a D&D setting). I think JCOM’s emphasis on pulp action, the importance of renown, and and the way talents are intended to be customized, will deliver a much better Eberron experience then D&D, or even Conan, would. In addition, there are a lot of similarities between the settings themselves, politics and intrigue between powerful factions, flying airships, mystic technology, religions that are a front for something sinister, etc. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Always thought Eberron was more steampunkish. Please, do share your experiences!

On the official Edgar Rice Burroughs FB page this week, they announced the “ERB Universe” of his literary works with some new novels coming up. Should they take that into the RPG realm (Tarzan, Carson of Venus, etc.), I would hope the Modiphius system would be a part of that.

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So I love Conan & have played it through AD&D, True20, Savage Worlds, & OpenQuest. When Mod’s Conan came out I looked at the system and thought, ‘Meh’. I just played JC at the DragonFlight Con here in WA and was completely blown away. I am now looking to plan a Farscape game that was going to be Savage Worlds but would use or Star Trek or John Carter instead.
After talking to a friend who is a big SW fan I convinced him into replacing the 2d20 type action resolution vs. SW type (we both have slight issues with it). We are looking at creating a hybrid that really fits our bill.

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Love to see anything you do with this