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Anyone used JCOM for anything else?

Anyone used JCOM or “the momentum” engine to run something else

I figure its the easiest version of 2d20 to use for other things - almost like FATE accelerated is to FATE.

Good to start my daughter off on - she’s 7 and played a few things but i really like 2d20

I haven’t, but would also like to know about that. Of particular interest to me would be a fan-made 2d20 Lite for some of the various pulp settings never adapted to RPG.

Hullo, Chris,

If I were younger and had the energy to do so, I would definitely use the 2d20 Momentum system from John Carter to run some Babylon 5, U.F.O., Blake’s 7, and even a super-heroes game (though I’ve still got Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes RPG for that).