New Adventure ETA?

At ModCon 2020 it was announced there was a new JCOM Adventure release on its way.

We are halfway through the months of 2021 and was wondering if there was an ETA on this?


The newsletter a couple of months ago said some pdf adventures were on the way, I believe. But I don’t think a time frame was given.

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It would be great, if they would tell us more about those adventures and when they plan to publish them.

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I agree. It has been sometime since we got any new adventures for JCOM. Would love some information on a timeframe.


Just jumping in here to see if there ever was any sort of update on this? Sure would be nice to get some new adventures for JC!


I’ve started looking at unofficial knock-offs, previous systems and third parties for adventures I can convert. I’d love to see some proper ones from Modiphius.

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Nearly a year has passed since the first post in this thread and still no news. We are waiting and hungry for every little bit of new information about new JCoM material.

Yes, some information about the current state of the product line - whether it will be continued at all, and if so, for how long.
I have the impression that, as with MC3 which is already finished as a licensed property product line, and as with Infinity, which will probably be the next line to end, JCoM is in line for sundown.
It probably was not that successful commercially as Conan, I guess. So additional products for a very small customer base might not be feasible, which I can understand.
It might be nice to get a few more JCoM products before the line is through, though.

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I wonder if it would be worth spinning the JCoM game out into a full Edgar Rice Burroughs line, especially now ERBInc have started producing new stories (the Carter one being Gods Of The Forgotten). Bringing in Tarzan and possibly making conceptual links to the Godzilla/Kong films via Hollow Earth and therefore Pellucidar may well help. Let’s face it, EVERYONE knows who Tarzan is, so linking Carter to Tarzan couldn’t hurt.

Good idea (and some what supported by the core rulebook) but I doubt that this will happen.