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What's Next for the JCoM RPG?

Assuming anything is being worked on?


I could be wrong, but I think an adventures book is in the works, and some sort of eras of Barsoom supplement.

Eras of Barsoom, I’m assuming, must be something about playing in various past time periods.

Where did you hear about the books?

The PDFs of the 3 Eras books became available to Kickstarter backers in November and they began shipping the “wave 2” items from the Kickstarter (at least these books). I didn’t back so I only know the public posts. I don’t know when they’ll be available to non-backers but I assume it won’t be until all backers receive them.

There’s a little bit in the September kickstarter update about the future. It sounds like convention slot length adventure modules have been a popular request so they may begin on some of those. If you’re interested in other things then this forum is the place to post.

I think @Modiphius-Virginia might be able to give more hints if we can entreat the great Jeddara of Narrators to bestow such knowledge upon us.


Ah, I thought you meant a book devoted to Barsoom’s historic past. I’ve already got the three John Carter Era books.

Hi there!

At the moment the 3 era supplements have been delivered to Kickstarter backers, and should be appearing in retail from this month over the next few months. Being signed up to our newsletter or checking the web store is the best way to find out when each of the era books is released. These books provide new player and GM options, explore the era’s of barsoom and how to use them in play, as well as some optional new rules, such as airship battles and airship creation, new rules for running detailed in depth duels and creating inventions. The era books themselves do not contain any pre-written adventures however.

I’m also working on getting a convention adventure written and published as we had a large number of people request an adventure that could work with the limited timeframe of convention games, so something that worked in a 3-4 hour convention time slot. We don’t have an expected date for this yet or any further details, but I’ll update everyone as soon as I have more to tell you all about it!

I hope that answers some questions for everyone!

  • Virginia

One question: Will we get an official Errata?

Are these three era books all coming out at the same time? Or is there a sequence of release?

That would be great! Let’s hope that at least one will be ready before the end of April. I need one for the game I want to host at the local RPG convention.

BTW official errata would be great because it seems that some errors and mistakes somehow managed to find their way into the printed books.

I believe its going to be sequential…

Two of the three are out already. Check the store for info. :slight_smile: