Love this streamlined take on the 2d20 System

I’m seriously eyeballing using this the next time I run Conan (or at least parts of it). Conan is pretty great at what it does, but the streamlining and refinements in John Carter look like they’d make the Conan game a bit easier to play. Especially the Renown system, where it’s earned and spent on things.

Each new 2d20 system I pick up has me super excited to see what’s next :slight_smile:


I very much agree. I like this version of 2D20 quite a bit. Conan is cool, but it’s rather crunchy for PCs and I like the notion of having a really streamlined version that’s got some fairly light character advancement but not all the details, skill trees, etc.

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I just got John Carter so I’ve only scratched the surface but I’m keen to read more. There are things about the crunchiness of Conan that I like, but there are a few things I think are cumbersome (like having to level focus and expertise separately).

I read that the Kickstarter backers got a conversion TO Conan from John Carter, but I’d love a conversion the other way.

I totally agree. I think that John Carter would make for a really nice pulp adventures type system overall. I think it would work great for lots of action-oriented pulp genres: Western, sword and planet (obviously), barbarian, spy thrillers, etc.

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